Jamming with the star – Nikhil D’Souza

Wat ? : – Jamming with the star – Nikhil D’Souza

Where ? : – Blue Frog , Lower Parel

When ? : – 28th June 2011




Tuesday – A regular weekday, nothing is happening , everyone is busy with their office work and in the end heading towards their home after an tiring day. Well it was not the same this weekday . After a tiring day packed with stupid meetings and pending work , i headed towards Blue Frog because of the constant messages on my cell phone as well as thousand of invitations on Facebook inviting me to attend this show called “Jamming with the star”.Its a very unique concept by Dream Makers Entertainment which gives opportunity to young talent to perform with his favorite star on stage . Blue Frog , one of the most happening place in Mumbai was packed with people even on a Tuesday night.  There was hardly any table vacant for the new comers . I luckily squeezed in with few friends on a table , shared the chair with another friend (i know its creepy, but can’t help it 😀 ) and the star arrived on the stage – Nikhil .


You must have always heard his bollywood songs everywhere .  Mere bina from Crook , Sham from Aisha , Anjana Anjani and list goes on.. But here got a chance to know the real side of Nikhil. An artist so passionate about his music and lyrics says all about his experience in life . It was an amazing experience to see the star of the show performing some of his best music with his amazing guitar which has a strap saying ‘DO NOT CROSS THIS LINE ‘





After some of his best music , Nikhil talks about a Kid . He wrote in his mail saying that ‘ i am a 17 year old kid and i compose my music and write my own songs’ . Now this kid is on stage , a normal college going 17 year old kid with a very normal looks stands with a guitar adjusting the mic. For the next 5 minutes I don’t remember sipping a single sip of my drink on the table . The kid was so good , the music  he played was so lively . You can’t even say that this song was composed by a 17 year old kid named Rohan Rajdhyaksha . A pure talent in a packing of a very young boy . Rohan performed one his best compositions “Sweeping emotions” . The crowd here went crazy on his skill of playing guitar and the amazing voice he had. Some of the very famous people amongst the crowd were bollywood actor Arunoday Singh, Aditi Rao and the very famous band members from AGNEE – Mohan and Koko.

Pictures by Aarti Pekette (Dream Makers Entertainment)

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