Bappi Lahiri at the launch or Music for Dard-e-disco

Its Rocking Dare-E-Disco

Bappi Lahiri at the launch or Music for Dard-e-disco


Remember the 80s when popular disco dance number’s would be so popular that it would be heard at every nook and corner. Popular number’s such as Yaad aa raha hain, I am a disco Dancer, Jimmy Jimmy etc. were a craze among the youngsters and still remain a nostalgic hit for those who have lived through that decade. Fast foward to the current Gen., one of the biggest influencers(pun not intended) and music maker in the Indian Disco genre ‘Bappi Lahiri’ is back in the kitchen cooking up some dhinchak music.


Bappi Lahiri


The fashionable bar La Patio, Mumbai saw the Music launch of movie ‘It’s Rocking Dard-e-Disco’ . What’s so Special about it? Well it features the debut of apna Bappi da in the star cast.. Which is quite a big thing(again .. not intended). ‘It’s a comedy film with great message’ is what the man had to say about the movie. Bappi Da was too excited and enthralled the media with his song ‘Pyar Karlo na’



Singers trying hand’s at acting is not a new concept .In his days Kishore Da not only was an excellant singer but was quite the actor too. Let`s see if Baapi Da is another Kishore Da in making.



Edited and Compiled by Elroy Rodricks

Pictures by Devkumar Mistry


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