iPhone is here, Apple is here, now wat u want?

Hello!!  My Dhinchaak! Readers Here I Am With Some Tonic News About Technology And Its On Iphones,Sounds Good Na!!



Iphones, It Seems, Is Less Of A Luxury And More Of A Necessity Here. It’s A Need That Arises Not Out Of Technological Or Application Requirements, But Out Of The Status Symbol That Iphone Represents, Or At Least Used To Represent. This Generation Having Been Brought Up Well, Receiving An Affluent Lifestyle From Their Double Income Parents Often Feel That Their Cell Phone Is A Detrimental Factor In Establishing Their Presence Among Their Peers And Plays An Important Role In Defining One’s Stature. Maybe It Were These Assumptions That Triggered The Sale Of Iphones In This Campus Where Life Starts After 5, And Social Life Is Majorly Restricted To Within The Walls Of The Campus.


Iphones, No Doubt, Are Technologically One Of The Most Advanced Gadgets And Their Touch Screen Experience Is What Sets It Decades Ahead Of Similar Devices. However, Doing Nothing But Playing Games On An Iphone, Is Sheer Exploitation Of The Vast Amount Of Technological Know-How And Features Built Into This Cell Phone, Rendering It The Status Of Nothing But A Very Expensive Video Game. The Huge Number Of Applications Available Is Narrowed Down To The Ones That Seem “Interesting Enough”, Examples Include “Dating Tips”, “Ninja Assassin” And “Temple Run”.


With The Average Ownership Of Iphones Going As High As 20-30% In Most Classes, It Is Time For  Students To Look For Another Status Symbol; The Mac Would Be My Suggestion. In The Meantime, For Those Who Are The Proud Owners Of Iphones, It Is Always Advisable To Utilize The Cell For Purposes Other Than Pure Entertainment As Nothing Is More Discomforting Than Seeing The Sheer Under Use Of Any Object Engineered To Such Perfection.

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