Neha Dhupia walked as showstopper at the finale show of 'Indian Wedding Couture'.2

‘Indian Wedding Couture’ fashion show with Neha Dhupia as the showstopper.


The best of Indian creativity, all in one place. Was held on 29th JUNE at VIVIANA MALL, Thane.

Indian wedding couture’s (IWC). IWC festival 2014 program was a exclusive opportunity to access of buyers attending IWC’S Festival 2014. It was an opportunity to enjoy substantial media exposure, both locally and nationally.

It gives you the privilege to be mentored and groomed by a leading authority in the Indian fashion industry on all areas of the show and collection, immediately upon selection. IWC festival 2014 is part of IWC that has established itself as one of THANE’S most definitive fashion lovers and bridals who has got benefited through brands, enabling Indian fashion to integrate with the Global wedding fashion world.

Indian Wedding Couture is a showcase of the very best Indian design products. Bespoke, curate and 100% original, it’s all about creative distinction!

Indian Fashion creativity is blossoming and there is no better place to experience it than at the fashion event ‘Indian Wedding Couture’.As the country’s premier showcase of high-end, homegrown design, Indian Wedding Couture is also the only platform that welcomes advertising, fashion, product design, publishing and marketing, all under one roof.

Indian Wedding Couture was covered 5000 squares feet of floor space and welcomed more than 2000 visitors over the entire day.

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