Impressions – The Media Circus

IMPRESSIONS is the longest running media fest which is celebrating its 10th year of glory. This decade is going to be very exciting and as the theme is MEDIA CIRCUS. Circus itself means fun and joyous with colorful events. No other media fest has completed such a duration as IMPRESSIONS has done. The theme Media Circus is brings a thought in mind as what exactly it is going to be. The events such as I Talkies, RJ event are going to be more awaiting. We have different set of other events which are also be going to be as exciting as our theme is. We have celebrities like Sayaji Shinde as our chief guest for the 2011 Impressions Live Xtreme till the world ends and also we had Sameer Kochar , Manmeet Singh and renouned singer Abhijeeet Bhattacharya coming in and judging the various events. We therefore look forward with great enthusiasm for this year Media Circus.

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