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Just imagine if you get a chance to ride to Ladakh all the way on bike especially in this weather. Well a gang of riders have started their journey from Mumbai to Ladakh. The actual riding journey will start from Chandigarh on Tuesday, 28th June. The XPLO-RIDERS is the gang marching towards the most beautiful place on their bikes. They are three members all over Dinesh Samuel, Bijoy Joseph, and Dharmapal Kotian. It’s their passion which makes them to ride over such a long distance.


The XPLO-RIDERS name itself says that they are very passionate about riding and about exploring new things especially new place their local food, culture, etc. their past experience includes trip to goa, lonavala, lavasa and many other places. They have been into riding from almost 3 years. They say safety is our motto and we follow all the traffic rules. They don’t go beyond 50km/ph on city roads.


This is not the 1st time that XPLO-RIDERS are heading for Leh . Last year 4 bikers from Mumbai rode till Ladakh and had the best journey of their lives. Dinesh says,” you must have always heard that ‘life is about a journey,not the destination’ . we realized the true meaning of this during our trip. It was not only a adventure activity that we seek to enjoy and get thrilled , but a spiritual journey in search of our true existence”


Keeping riding aside they share a very good professional life. Dinesh Samuel work for M.T Educare, Dharampal Kotian is into Hotel Managment and Bijoy Joseph is into a business. They all are Thane resident. And one common thing Undying Love & Unending Passion for Riding and exploring new things. Dinesh Samuel will ride on pulsar 150, Bijoy Joseph on Apache RTR, and Dharampal Kotian on Bajaj Avenger.


During their journey if they see any other rider on their way or any army man they simply salute them and respect them. The estimated time for their journey on the bikes is 11 days in which they have kept 2 spare days for exploring, sightseeing and emergency.


Their special message to all the riders and bike lovers:


Follow safety rules, don’t go beyond 50 km/ph at least on the city roads, carry first aid kit for long travelling.


This dhinchaker is a great fan of XPLO-RIDERS. Grand salute to them.

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