Hr super hero

HR College ke Super-Heroes

HR College ke Super-Hero

To the common man, the term ‘Super-hero’ would mean – Superman, Spiderman, Batman. Bollywood buffs like me would settle for Krisshh, Ra.One, G.One

But head to South Mumbai and HR College will surprise you with its definition of super heroes. They are your home away from home, being the eyes of the management but the sweetheart to every college goer. So HR ke vo nacheez hai kaun?

1)    Humare Safety ke rakhwale: – HR’s evergreen Watchman uncle is among the many things that the campus is famous for. Mr. Vivekananda Kelkar goes on his Id Card pehno warna aandar nai lunga’’ spree almost every morning. Not only that, the free PR for the college canteen only helps increase the sale. “ Kya hua mood kharab hai jao apne college ka Chinese khao sab theek ho jayega.’’ So if people aren’t worried about the principal detaining them, they sure are worried about watchman uncle not letting them pass through the gate.

HR College ke Super-HeroHR College ke Super-Hero

2)    Students ke fire brigade – We all know the importance of our college peons; they are the ones who will help you in all the circumstances. From nagging them about ‘Bhaiyya ye class kidhar hai?’ to ‘Bhaiyya AC chalu karo’ and the oh so popularSanjay Ji aaj ecture hoga ki nai? They sure have a solution to all your problems.

HR College ke Super-Hero

HR College ke Super-Hero3)    Humari aakhri hope:- Admit it, they are the reason why most of us just managed to scrape through the semester Uncle yeh notes dena, Uncle Tybmm ka notes do, Uncle mera notes xerox nai kiya aapne’’ What would life be without the Xeroxwala?

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These three pillars put together make college life easy. Love them or hate them, you simply CANNOT ignore them.


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