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So the student fraternity has been going gaga over one thing – ‘Chinese food’. Now, you may vouch for variants from across college campuses, but Boss, HR me rehke canteen ka Chinese nahi khaayatoh kya khaaya?

If you’re a true foodie, a student and agar pocket money like most collegians hai ZERO, then I am going to treat you to a piece of heaven.

I remember walking upto a very anxious student recently. Braving
the rain, the poor thing was waiting in this really long queue for the obvious admission. Curious, I asked him, “So why
HR ?” his hilarious response, “Padne ke liye toh saab aate hai mein toh bhai Chinese khane aaya hu taaki mera bhi bhala ho aur woh Chinese wale ka bhi’’

Hungry already? Let’s talk food.. First on the menu:

  1. HR famous Triple Schezwan Rice:
    Cost: Rs. 70
    Dhinchak Rating: Jhakaaas


If quantity and quality is your thing, then this is for you. At just Rs.70, this monster you have to dig into!

Oh hey, Varun loves it too!



2. Chocolate Mousse
Cost: Rs. 30
Dhinchak Rating: Dhaasu


Think the schezwan was too spicy, try topping it off with this insane chocolate mousse. At just Rs. 35, this beauty here could well give the fancy Hagen Dazs a run for their money.

Toh fir wait kyun ? The next time you visit my college campus, you know how to satisfy your tummy. Just Rs.100 can bring you happiness for sure, for everything else, there’s MASTERCARD.



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