How Big B overshadowed 2 Khers!

Ever seen a bunch of photographers literally falling onto each other? Well, that was exactly the case when Amitabh Bachchan turned up at the launch of album Rangeele by Kailash Kher. It seemed the shutterbugs became a bit too excited to click Big B.


In all the Big B excitement, it seemed the media as well as the audience had forgotten that noted veteran actor Anupam Kher was also present at the event! Even for the launch ceremony, Kailash only called Big B on stage while Anupam was ignored! Poor chap!


As soon as the album was launched, Kailash said, “I dedicate this album to the two big people on this planet – Shri Shri Amitabh Bachchan and my little son.” This sounded funny as Kailash himself appeared like a child due to his short stature when he entered the venue. Lol!


This was followed by some live performance by Kailash which was highly appreciated by the crowd. However, the shutterbugs were still busy clicking Mr Bachchan with hardly anyone concentrating on Kailash. So what does our singer do? He runs towards Big B in the crowd and sits near his feet. That’s a nice way to get yourself force-clicked Kailash!


Soon, Big B had to leave since he had to attend some other function. (Did Kailash heaved a sigh of relief with this?) Obliging to the public demand, Kailash started jamming on ‘Teri Deewani’. But what happens now? Sonu Niigaam and Shankar Mahadevan enter the scene which once again takes the focus away from Kailash! Goodness gracious!


Then, Kailash tried another trick. He started cracking one-liners although in his toota-foota Angreji! Showing honesty, the singer accepted the fact saying, “Aaj hi Angreji seekhi hai toh zara jhel lo mujhe.”


But the best one-liner came from an RJ who was present at the event. The whole venue burst out laughing when he said, “Pyaar karna hai toh Nirma Washing Power wali se karo. Kyunki woh kehti hai pehle istamaal karo phir vishwash karo.”


P.S: Don’t get carried away by the craziness of the event. We would like to repeat that this was a music launch 😛



By Keyur Seta


Pictures by Sumesh Rajan


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