Holi Hai!!!

It’s that colourful time of the year again, when everything is forgotten in the joy of celebration. A splash of life and color, fun and frolic, mauj and masti all at once.

It’s the festival of colors, festival of fun. It’s the festival of Holi.

It’s that day of the year when you can finally run around your neighbourhood and completely mess it up. Color everyone in the most yucky color you can ever find and smile and say “ BuranamanoHolihai “ .Haha.. C’mon don’t lie we all do that.


It is so much fun to watch people as they forget themselves and play pranks on this day!

The crazy thing to see is when everyone comes out of their house ready with their ‘weapons’ – water guns and water balloons with packets of color stuffed in pockets for emergency attack! :P. diligently looking for ‘targets’ and then comes the final showdown. LOL

Rubbing your friends face all over with Gulaal – red, orange, blue and yellow every one of them together. It’s crazy. And if that’s not enough the designs are awesome. It’s like accidental human graffiti! 😛 lol and the result is a photographer’s paradise.


With million colours all over their faces and that never ending smile, it’s one of the most beautiful things about this festival.


Another interesting thing about Holi is the Bollywood connection. You’ll find people high on bhang and thandaai dancing all over the place on cheezy Bollywood numbers. From ‘Rang barse’ to ‘ rang rang mere rang rang mein’. Songs toh thik hai, yaar the choreography is amazing.

Last year I bumped into this guy who asked me in typical Gabbar fashion  “Holi ka bhai, kab hai holi?? “ 😛 😛
lol Guys bhaang is not so bad trust me.
Physically, bhang is said to be good for so many ailments from indigestion to fever to dullness. Mentally, it is said to make you very alert. And spiritually, it is supposed to raise you to the plane of ecstasy. Lol that explains 😉


All in all Holi is a day of just letting go of all your troubles and enjoying it to the fullest. A day spent with your friends and family being care free and just having fun.Ghar aake mum dad jo sunaate hai woh alag baat hai..:P but I guess it’s all worth it.
So all you people out there go crazy, have fun with colors. ( and hey don’t forget to play safe, enjoy responsibly)
Wish you all a very HAPPY HOLI from the entire Dhinchak Family. Hope this colors fill your life with all the shades.

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