Hinduja College’s Aroha’11

N.S.S. unit of K.P.B. Hinduja college of commerce,charni road organized a inter-collegiate festival “Aroha’11” on 27th & 28th January 2011 . Nearly 12 colleges viz.Jai Hind college, K.C. College, Wilson College, Bhavan’s college and many others from Mumbai participated in this festival. The event was inaugurated by Mr.Janak Sanghvi, Chairmen, C & D ward. The festival was a blend of sports, cultural and literally events. Events like Box-Cricket, Rangoli making,singing , dancing and photography were the highlights of the festival. Beside the fun side of the festival, Aroha also had a social face of it. AADHAR- a home for mentally retarded children also took an active part in the festival and helped spread the message of national integration and communal harmony. K.C. College won the Title by winning maximum awards in all the competitions.

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