Hi5 !! We’ve Got Wi Fi!!!

So, this chokri is back again, no no I’m not here to give you some gyaan about how to and what to do

in college, but I am here to give you a quick update as to what is hot and happening in the college.

And wait for it….. no fest or malhar or anything, even better than it. We’ve got INTERNET

CONNECTION!!!!!!!! So isn’t it totally mad or what?

This wifi connection we have got is amazing but Boss, iske liye bohot papad belne pade hai. Kya Kya

nahi kiya iss paapi internet ke liye, khaana- pina chhoda —– no no, not that dramatic dude, but ya

we forgot our teachers and lectures, ya ya, as if it was a big balidaan and as if we put studies before

whatsapping and snapchatting ;D But seriously, it was a lonngg process to get this connection.

First of all the fees for it was taken way back and the process for even getting the connection started

almost a month later. God bless 3G connection for that time. But back to the process, first like

always you had to wait in a long, never ending queue, just to collect the form. Then you again had to

wait in another long line to submit the form after filling out the form. And of course even if it is Jai

Hind, you still get to hear some very colourful Bombaiya language when someone cuts the line. I

heard one student calling out to another, “khajoor line pichche se hai….” Yup, Khajoor was used 😀

😀 Anyways, moving forward, after you submit the form you get the wifi connection. Well, almost.

You get the MTNL scratch card which has the 16 digit code that you are supposed to use to register

online and VOILA!! You have your unlimited internet connection, well almost unlimited.

Although the wifi connection is not that strong all over the campus, well what do you expect from

MTNL internet connection, its bound to be full of glitches, but still it’s pretty good, as you can use it

in the classrooms and the corridors without any probs. And the best part, no sites are blocked or no

apps are blocked, so there is unrestricted access which sends the students in the seventh heaven.

And that connection is not just used for masti and our amusement as it is very helpful even in

studies and helps us to access the pertinent sites even during the lectures and even cuts back on

carrying big fat books, and in place of those we have PDFs. In fact even the professors access it

during their lectures and the students also have the green light from the profs to access the study

material online. Cool right?

So teacher bhi khush, students toh bohot khush, so everybody’s happy all round. And I’m going to

brag here, Jai Hind is the first college to provide internet connection to its students… Yippee.

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