Govinda aala re aala, dekho Sunny pan saath aali…

Govinda aala re aala, dekho Sunny pan saath aala…


The monsoon in Mumbai may not be that great this year but alike every year, the ‘Dahi Handi’ festival is all set to leave its mark, only to be even bigger.


The craze, the fun and the excitement that is involved in the ‘dahi handi’ festival is worth watching. But apart from the fun, it gives us a very nice message of how no matter how difficult something is, it can be tackled easily when we unite together and work for it.


Dahi handi group at Wadala

But these days in Mumbai it has completely taken a different course. While there were times when renowned social activists, film stars etc. used to be the highlight of prime dahi handi committees, this year we’ve one more entry into the list, yeaa it’s Sunny Leone.

NCP leader Kiran Dagade Patil has invited Sunny Leone at the ‘dahi handi’ celebrations organised in Pune. He offered her Rs. 5 lakh for her presence at the dahi handi celebrations(to which we can only say that he could’ve put it to better use). This move of NCP leader is sure to trigger controversies since the adult film star’s bold poses on hoardings of her Bollywood debut film has already unnerved many in the NCP Mumbai unit.


While what message of team spirit she’ll give still remains a big question, we can only wish them good luck and advise all the guys out there to not get too excited or else Uncle Dhoble might just make a special appearance in the scene and give them a nice treat with his hockey stick!!;)



Pictures By: Sanah Suvarna, Sunil Kherada and Devkumar Mistry.


Celebrations at Senapati Baphat Marg, Dadar West.



Celebrations at Jamboree Maidan Worli.



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