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Google @AIESEC

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When you think GOOGLE I’m sure you always think “bas inke saath kaam karne mila toh life set hai boss”.



That’s precisely what this session left me with. Hosted by ‘Google’ business group, this session took students through different phases of growing a company.


It highlighted factors crucial to the development phase of a startup, most important being the ‘idea’ in itself. For any startup to prosper, the idea needs to be path breaking, one that solves a major problem. Agar har koi vahi kare toh kya faayda boss?


To make the subject more interesting, Sreeraman Thiagarajan, threw the floor open to the students. He allowed them to identify issues that we face in our daily living and create ideas that would solve the problem at hand.


Surprising to say, students thought of varied issues including e-waste, corruption and the more recent sexual harassment and rape. The latter was needless to say the most popular issue and students were more than willing to shoot ideas to solve the issue.

Par problem solving product banane ke baad kya? Sreeraman went on to add how the google business group comes into the picture. From mentoring under experts with years of experience, to providing Google’s best known marketing tools including google analytics, adwords and adsense, this is the perfect launch platform.


All in all a session worth attending, especially for those with ideas that need to take.

Photographs by: Vaibhav Bhansode

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