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Gig Review – Leon Bolier Live in Mumbai


Friday was a very hectic day, what with having to attend Umang in the morning and then having to go in the opposite direction to Canvas in Lower Parel, to check out Leon Bolier spin his tracks. Thoda pareshan huwa tha jab mere doston ne mujhse kaha that we will be going by cab, because as you’ll know, persuading a cab to take you from Parel to Ghatkopar at 2 a.m. in the morning proves to be quite cumbersome, more often than not.Anyway…


For all of those who don’t know, Leon Bolier is a Dutch classically trained trance composer, DJ, and record producer. His career began to flourish in 2008 with a number of successful song releases including the hit song “Ocean Drive Boulevard”. He has quite a good track record. He released two full albums ‘Pictures’ (2008) and ‘Phantasma’ (2010). He also released numerous singles and remixes which are supported by the biggest names in the business, like: Tiesto, Armin van Buuren and Paul van Dyk.


We ended up reaching Canvas a little early and had to wait for around twenty minutes before Leon Bolier arrived and he was immediately taken to a side-room where we could ask him a few questions and click pictures. When he was asked whether he listens to any Hindi music, he replied in the negative. However, he did mention that he has seen Slumdog Millionaire. (Who hasn’t? :P)


My dear friend Amey was complaining about a bad leg ache, but as soon as Leon Bolier took over the console, that pain looked to have deserted him, as he joined the entire crowd at Canvas in dancing to Leon’s tunes. So catchy and peppy were Leon’s songs, that I could hardly see a couple of people not shaking a leg! The energy in the place was palpable and completely spilled over by the second track. We had to take quite a few breaks to catch our breath between songs. I believe that a good artist has such a connect with his audience, that he keeps them coming back for more. And that’s exactly what was happening. No matter how tired we were, we just couldn’t stop dancing. The dance floor was so packed that I couldn’t move two steps behind without bumping into someone.


Leon Bolier kept us en’trance’d right up till 1.15 a.m., when we disappointingly realised that it was time to head back home. Alas, my friends and I reluctantly bid adieu to Canvas, and this is when I realised how exhausted I really was! Luckily we got a cab, without any hassles, to drive us back home at that hour. Aamchi Mumbai bestest!


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