Flaunt your super hero obsession with cool t-shirts !!!


fashionandyou.com, India’s leading online shopping website brings an exciting collection of t-shirts inspired by super heroes and comic characters. So if you are an ardent fan of Spiderman, Superman, Batman, Iron Man or Captain America, now you can unleash your love for them through these trendy and comfortable tees. Bring out your passion for all things adventurous, fantastical and comic.
The most popular e-retailer known for all things stylish now lets you revisit those long lost memories and bring out your childhood fantasy with graphic tees featuring your favourite super hero or comic character. Whether it is Batman’s intellect and physical strength that you hero-worship or Iron Man’s wit and technological flair, there is at-shirt inspired byalmost all the famous Marvel Comicsand DC Comics characters. If it is the super-villains and their dark sides that appeal to you more, then you can alsoshow off your dark side with the Joker. If choosing one character out of the glitzy world of super heroes is tough, you can opt for the Avengers Tees. There’s even a Spiderman range to choose from for lovers of Peter Parker.

To add a more fun element to your look, Mickey Mouse and Sponge Bob T-shirts are what you may want to look at. The Grunge Mickey tees combine both the character’s affable charm and pay a tribute to deceased rock stars at the same time. The list of options is endless. Just log on to fashionandyou.com and pick the T-shirt that best spells out your love for your favourite super hero or comic character and give your geeky style an ever funkier edge!

Price range starts at Rs 399.

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