Femina Girl Priyanka Chopra says Power is Sexy.



Femina’s much awaited annual Power Issue was unveiled by the Bubli Badmaash of Bollywood, the very talented and sexy Priyanka Chopra. This year’s issue salutes the young and the powerful women.

It features 35 extraordinary women from diverse fields who have made an impact on the society. Besides covergirl Priyanka Chopra, the list includes names as IAS officer Durga Shakti Nagpal, singer Sona Mohapatra, filmmaker Soundarya Rajnikanth and Shuttler Saina Nehwal and many more such women.


Priyanka Chopra considers herself as a Femina Girl because Femina has been with her from the start of her career. She had been Femina Miss India and later won the Miss World title. She added, ”Femina will always remain special to me”. Talking about the Power issue, when Priyanka was asked to describe power in one word she said,”Power is Sexy”.


According to her a person who is rich or has an influence on people is not powerful. To her a person who is self contained and is comfortable and confident about what he or she does is the most powerful person.  When asked who she considers to be the most powerful person she replied.”I think Beyonce is a very powerful woman. Because she can balance both her personal and professional life with great ease and the most powerful man for me is undoubtedly Mr.Bachchan”. She added, “Abhi yaha agar meri jagah Amitji aate toh aap khade ho jaate. Who isliye kyuki unhone who izzat kamayi hai”.

But like all the other things in this world power has its pros and well as cons. According to Priyanka Chopra power leads to loneliness. She said,” When a person has certain amount of power with him, people might miss understand or misinterpret him and that may lead him to loneliness”. Talking about her industry she said, “You don’t need power to survive in this industry. It is not that people who have power or people who are pretty are popular. It is talent that works in this industry.  In the end, public ko jo pasand hai who hi tikta hai aur bikta hai”.

Priyanka also shared her thoughts on a lot of social issues and the recent rapes that have been happening in Aamchi Mumbai. To this she said,” I am no one to say what punishment should be given to the rapist but the laws that have been made in our country should be strictly implemented and a fear for the law must be created in the minds of the people”. Priyanka has been supporting the cause of the girl child with the UNESCO for the last 6 years and she assured that she will continue doing so.


Dhinchak Mumbai hopes Priyanka Chopra, by her social service brings a change in the society and we wish her luck for her future endeavors!

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