Farhan Akhtar Live at Alegria 2014

– Neil Barretto

Each year in a bid to beat the best, college students up their levels of dedication and commitment and put in everything to make their college festival stand out.

This year Pillai’s college had the adrenaline rushing throughout the city as the news of Farhan Akhtar’s performance hit the stands. With over 11,000 happy Mumbaikars, young and old alike, straining their necks for a glimpse of Farhan at the Pillai’s ground; it was evident that the evening was going to be an exciting affair.

The audience enjoyed an excellent opening performance by the Thane based Hindi alternate rock band SPARSH, which had everyone swinging to their catchy rhythm. The music enthusiasts even joined in when the band sang ‘Samunder’. It wasn’t long before the stage went dark and the famous voice resounded as the words of ‘Toh Zinda ho tum’ filled the air. The crowds were uncontrollable as Farhan Akhtar finally walked onto the stage, mouthing the words of Javed Akhtar’s famous poem.

Farhan, who wishes he had attended college more often than he did, now wants to touch the lives of today’s youth through music. He wants college-going students to realize the power of standing together, the comfort in swimming together and the joy of enjoying together. All of this and much more, he successfully put across to the audience as they swooned and jumped to his multifaceted music. The audience witnessed the talented actor-singer-director sing some of his most loved songs. With the cover of the starry night and with the star right in front of them, all those who attended had the time of their lives.

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