Experience of Ramzan Delicacies at Bhendi Bazaar

All of us are aware of the fact that Bhendi Bazaar is one  the  famous look outs in Mumbai and also

is undoubtedly, one of the most famous place in India where Ramzan food is concerned. I’ve been
hearing about Bhendi Bazaar and the kind of atmosphere and ambience it has during Ramzan
since several years. Being a hardcore foodie and moreover a hardcore non-vegetarian, I always
thought of going out there. However, for some random reasons, whenever I made a plan of going
there, it always got jinxed. This year however, I managed to break the jinx and my long-term yearning
of going to Bhendi Bazaar during Ramzan finally got fulfilled.

I went to Bhendi Bazaar with some of my friends on 19th August, 2011 which was a Friday. We went
on the right day because Friday is the Muslim’s “Jhumma.” We reached there at around 11p.m. The
atmosphere at Bhendi Bazaar was vibrant, scintillating and full of life. All the streets were lit-up.
The atmosphere was such that when it was actually 11p.m., it looked as if it was 8p.m. No wonder
Bhendi Bazaar is famous across India coz the food out there is served
throughout the night!

We decided to satisfy ourselves by having a 4 Course Meal comprising of starters, main course, fast
food and sweets at various stalls at M Bhendi Bazaar. We started our eating voyage by having
some smokin’ hot, spicy and delicious starters like Mutton Baida Roti, Mutton Rolls and Mutton
Seekh Kabab at Zaika, which by the way, is one of the most well known place for starters. After Zaika,
we went to 12 Handi (Barah Handi) to feast on some awesome dishes like Pichotta, Paya Curry and
Nalli Nihari which are the different parts of mutton. After feasting on those, we went to Jilani Fast
Food Corner to experience the aroma and taste of non-vegetarian fast food. At Jilani’s we hogged on
delicious and piquant fast food items like Chicken Cheese Baida Roti, Bheja Fry, Chicken Sandwich
and Butter Pav with Gurda Khapuda. We gorged on the fast food at Jilani. However, still there was
something missing. After starters, main course and fast food, sweet dish toh banata hi hai! After Jilani
Fast Food, we went to Tawakkal to relish on some authentic sweets which are highlights of Ramzan
delicacies. At Tawakkal we ate diverse authentic Ramzan sweets like Malpua, Rabri, and Mango
Phirni. That’s how we hogged to our heart’s content and our 4 Course Meal was complete.

I say again; Bhendi Bazaar, is therefore undoubtedly a Landmark to feast on various delicacies
especially during Ramzan. People from all over the city and even tourists come here to relish and feast
on the luscious food. For all non-vegetarians who have not been to Bhendi Bazaar, I would
strongly recommend you guys to just leave everything right now and go there and experience the
utterly vibrant atmosphere and feast on the mouth-watering and alluring delicacies.

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