The college campus was so lively, filled with music, laughter, fun and noise. Students here and there

were dancing and singing, not aimlessly like bollywood movies but this dancing and singing was

preparation for various fests, making posters and putting up banners, propagating for these fests, all

of it was in full swing. People were making plans for parties and having fun, but…. Achanak se

everything was like those black and white reels, all the colors had fled away, gaana bajana, sab band

ho gaya tha, saari khushiyaan chin gayi thi, achcha OK I’ll stop with the dramatics, but EXAMS had

slowly and steadily crept upon all of us.

The students were having cups of coffee to stay awake and alert, not because of partying the whole

night and chasing away the hangovers but because of STUDYING… burning the midnight oil for

STUDYING. The Xerox centre is now the new hangout place instead of the canteen and the cafeteria

and the greenhouse. At the last minute, notes are being photocopied. The cash register at the Xerox

centre, sure was merrily ringing. Can you imagine that dinghy, claustrophobic Xerox centre in the

basement turning into a catch up point?

A sneak into the conversations go like this, “Arrey, you did the third chapter? It’s easier than the

second one.” Instead of night outs, study nights are being planned. Shoot, what has the world come


And if that’s not it, on the day of the exams you can feel letters oozing out from the ears and eyes of

the students because of constant studying. Last minute cramming is on in full force.”Shit, dude I

forgot to do that answer, give me summary of it”, “I left the psycho analysis part, and have done

everything else”, “Write big ok, and write neatly so I can read it”, “Show me your answers or else I’ll

pakka fail”. Just some conversations before the exam paper.

What happens after the exam? “ I couldn’t finish the paper, it was soo lenghthy” , “What an easy

paper, yaar”, “I hope I pass, dude”, “Shit, I’m so screwed!” Variations of this could also be heard but

the main and the most common thing after the rants about the exams were, can you guess…… of

course you can… Let’s parttyyy yaar. Plans for celebrating the last day of the exams start in full swing

much before the exams end irrespective of how students fair. We deserve the fun don’t we? After

these awful, stressful exam days. Hell yeah, we deserve the party 😀 😀

Dukh ke badal hat gaye. Everybody’s smiling and happy now but let me warn you, this happiness is

not going to last forever because the next semester exams are going to come and going to come fast

and ‘SMACK’ they are going to stare in front of our faces with that evil laugh that haunts every

student no matter how old they grow.HEE HAW HAW HAW.

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