Enigmatic experience at the Koli Sea Food Festival, Versova

Event: The Koli Sea Food Festival


When: 20th – 22nd January, 2012


Where: Versova



I have been hearing about the Koli Sea Food Festival since the past few years as I am a resident of Versova. However, I had never been there since the past 6 years out there for some or the other reason. The only memories I have about this festival is hogging the take away food items which my mom would bring from there whenever she went there. However, I took out time this year and attended the 7th Koli Sea Food Festival this year.

I went there on the 1st day of the festival i.e. Friday, 20th January at around 9.30p.m. As soon as I entered, I was really amazed and surprised to see the ambience, atmosphere and crowd at the venue. Normally, Versova is a very quite and peaceful place, however that day the liveliness at the venue really took me by surprise. I went there with one of my very close friends. Both of us just could not believe the electrifying atmosphere out there. We reached there by around 9.40p.m. and started checking out various delicacies at various stalls. We went to the first stall, and I had some delicious squid masala with bajri ki roti and some nice and spicy prawns samosa. My friend was just looking at me eating but the poor guy had no choice. He said that you just keep on eating and make me feel jealous. The reason why he said that was because he was getting tempted seeing me eat but he himself could not eat because he was allergic to sea food. After relishing, squids and prawns we just went ahead to check out what else is there at the other stalls. We went ahead and I had some deep fried and tasty bombil fry and we also shared a small bottle of port wine. After that we again went to the previous stall where I had some mouth-watering tandoori crabs and some tasty & spicy prawns biryani. We also shared a bottle of kingfisher beer out there while I was having this. There were many things which I had noticed during that time such as the unity of the people out there at various stalls who were serving and cooking food and also the openness and the friendly and inviting nature of the Koli people. We left from the venue after eating and drinking all these food items as I was completely stuffed. There were many things though, which are worth praising out there such as the electrifying atmosphere, huge crowd, quick and efficient service and hospitality of the Koli people, live stage performances of the Koli people and some nice and entertaining loud Marathi music.


On the 2nd day, i.e. Saturday, 21st January I personally did not go out there. However, my friend had gone there with one of his other friend. My friend told me about something what happened out there which I have to write about. My friend went out there around 11p.m. He came across one of the stall owners whom we met on Friday. The stall owner told him to eat or drink something. My friend told him that he will not be able to eat anything as he didn’t have money that time and just came like that only. However, the stall owner told him that how could he go away empty handed and packed a take away parcel of Bombil fry for him and told him that he is a regular guest now and must not go away empty handed! This shows the openness and harmony of the Koli people.


The last day i.e. 22nd January, Sunday was also as happening and electrifying. Just went out there for a short time and relished some tasty clambs (shell fish).


On the whole, the event had everything such as delicious food, nice booze, huge crowd, and last but not the least entertaining and loud Marathi music. I also heard the Marathi song from which “Chikni Chameli” is inspired. Hence, the 3 day event was undoubtedly a grand success!!!


Article By Rohit Jha

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