Eco Friendly Ganesha

Eco Friendly Ganesh – A growing Mumbai trend

Hey look…Ganesh turns eco-friendly!!


Here comes a breath of Fresh air –  our Ganesh has turned eco-friendly. Yea.. you’ve heard it right. Mumbai’s biggest festival this year will see the emergence of many eco-friendly Ganesha idols shedding out the message to save the environment.

Eco Friendly Ganesha


Skilled disciples of Sadguru Aniruddha Bapu are gathering every day in a pretty thuta futa room in Gamdevi to do their bit for the fest creating eco-friendly idols for the fest. This has been a trend for the past 8 years in the prep for the Ganesha festival. These people belonging to a wide array of professions, who have nothing to do with idol-making simply to it as a service to their spiritual guru.


The best part about the idols is that not only paper but other ingredients used are eco-friendly as well. Among them, ‘Dink’ (Gum from tress) is used as a glue, organic colours to paint, natural shell dust and white ink powder. These papers which are generally from Aniruddha’s Universal Bank of Ram Naam  are soaked for eight days before being grinded in Boisar. And from there on the process continues.


Almost as large as 2,600 papier-mâché Ganpatis are gonna to be made for this years festival by Aniruddha’s disciples. Sizes tend to range across one foot to four feet. Customers are also provided with plenty of choices as these idols would be sculpted to resemble almost 12 prominent avatars of Lord Ganesha.


In this era of cutting edge technology, globalisation and serious environmental concerns, it is interesting to see people taking up the initiative to save Mother Nature and loosen her from the shackles of human wrath. So guys, with eco-friendly Ganpatis slowly playing a much bigger role in the Ganesha festivals, it might just be time for you and me to pull up our socks and just get started for a thrilling experience this season!! 😉


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