Drat… Here come the exams!

It’s that time of the year. When the weather finally gets a little pleasant (in the hot southern states at least), occasional rains cool things down, and a general chill sets in. Now this chill need not always be related to the weather, part of it can also be credited to that unsettling feeling that creeps in as we realize that exam season is here.


 It all starts with the college administration realizing that they have a few obligatory cycle/series/monthly/quarterly tests to get out of the way. This is followed by the dreaded circulars and time tables, and all of a sudden mundane everyday life goes for a toss as the frantic rush for old half forgotten notes and assorted study material begins. After that comes the inevitable moment where the studies must begin. With coffee breaks, power naps and what not, this moment is put off for as long as possible before reality sets in and the number crunching, brain storming and hair pulling gets underway.


Even as we go through the motions of writing these lesser exams, we labour under the knowledge that bigger battles lie ahead. As winter sets in and warm beds seem inviting enough to sleep in all day, university exams raise their ugly heads to continue the torment. By now most people are numb to the happenings around them. With study sessions extending into the wee hours of the morning and caffeine fuelling the body, normal, everyday things blur into the background.


The only real consolation is that metaphorical light at the end of the tunnel, the end semester vacation. It is that hope we all hold on to during these dreary months that lie ahead, with mini tests, imaginatively named tests that decide internal marks, model exams and semester exams stretching out ahead like a never-ending obstacle course. So do not lose hope, comrades … and stock up on the coffee!


We wish all our Dhinchak readers  A BEST OF LUCK and a word of advice ALL ISS WELL..

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