Double Dhamaal – Movie review

Director – Indra Kumar

Producer – Ashok Thakeria ,Indra kumar

Lyricist – Anand Raj Anand ,Mayur puri

Music – Anand Raj Anand

Cinematography – Aseem Bajaj

Editor – Sanjay Sankla

Writer – Tushar Hiranandani

Caste -Sanjay dutt , Arshad Warsi , Ritsh Deshmukh , Ashish Chowdhry , Jaaved Jaaferi , Mallika Sherawat , Kangna Ranaut , Satish Kaushik , Harry Josh .


Double Dhamaal, follows four years after the original hit the screens; a quirky comedy made on a low budget. For those who missed the first one, it was all about the crazy antics of
Ritesh Deshmukh(Roy), Ashsish Choudhary (Boman), Arshad Warsi (Adi) and his dithering moronic brother Jaaved Jaafery (Manav). Sanjay Dutt is the crooked ex-cop who has now
turned into a smooth con. Even as this foursome of idle losers is desperately trying to think up innovative ways to turn millionaires overnight, they run into their old foe Sanjay Dutt. Dutt roams around in snazzy cars, sports the gorgeous arm candy Mallika Sherawat (Kamini), and even has a loving younger sister Kiya (Kangana Ranaut). But the losers seem to be having a hard time. Every prank seems to backfire on them. The first half of the film
has been shot in Mumbai and has the usual underworld ‘types’ which includes a gargantuan Satish Kaushik playing a don called Batabhai. Midway through the film the dusty streets of
Mumbai are replaced with Macau.


The good points of the movie are comic capers built on gags tickle the funny bone, when they rely on vulgarity and crass over-the-top humor; it’s like skating on thin ice. The cast doesn’t fall on their butts. The twists and turns in the movie are good. Just when one
feels all hope is lost, the film picks up pace. The story twists and turns and the last twenty minutes of the film managed to evoke a few laughs.The bad points of the movie are like the movie don’t succeed in carrying the story forward effortlessly. Double Dhamaal suffers from a malaise commonly found in almost all sequels. It’s an overdose. They yell at the top of their voices. The cuss words are there in every sentence. Double-meaning dialogues, jokes with ill-concealed sexual innuendos are there. They slap, they punch, they kick. Obviously the director believes one can never have too much of slapstick. Double Dhamaal is a huge disappointment. Especially for those who’ve seen the first part. And even for those who haven’t. Watch it at your own risk.

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