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Don’t miss out on these Awwsome treats this Monsoon!

Why fit in when you were born to stand out? And if you can be cute while still being different, what’s more awwsome than that right?

So hold your breaths! Here we have something that would make you really really awwsome and also make your monsoon trails totally Dhinchak!

Check this quick sneak peek of my favourites specially selected for you from The Aww Store!

The Aww Store has launched their first collection around quirky stationery and Yes! they haven’t forgotten your need of the season. They have the quirkiest range of umbrellas that I have ever used.

Don’t believe me? Check this out!

Well Mumbai, this monsoon don’t pray for a lighter rain, get a better umbrella! We have a lot of water shortage problems anyways 😛

And for the days you do not want to step out in the rains and sit there sipping your cuppa coffee and eat vadapavs, your umbrella can be sitting right on your shelf adorning your work desk just like the other Aww products!

For the days when the rains play hide & seek with us, which is pretty much every day of this season in Mumbai, when you have to step into the car with a drenched umbrella or put it back in your branded bags bundled up in plastic cases and bags, guess what? That’s covered too! Just bottle it up to transform it into the décor piece that it truly is and don’t land up in this rainy mess again!

So isn’t this awwsome piece an all in one perfect solution to get all your rainy moods covered? I have already got mine just like many others rocking theirs on the streets of Mumbai!

Define your own awesomeness by taking your pick from the full range of quirky products from The Aww Store Facebook or Instagram page @theawwstore

Well, you can thank us later and till then DFTBA (Don’t Forget To Be Awesome)

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