Do you still prepare notes?

Do you still prepare notes?


Remember those days when you used to run towards your classroom to get the first bench? Of course, it happened back in school. Not any more! Now-a-days people die to run and catch the last benches! However, do you recollect taking down some important notes when you professor used to teach? Even if you simply took down the name of the topic they’re teaching (since you will have to go home and start studying some time or the other). Well, the trend is now quite different in medical schools.


Gone are the days when an instrument or specimen used to be taught and students wrote down all that the professors said. Now, it’s all about, “Let’s ask the department to teach us the instruments on xyz day”. Though, the hidden meaning is that, ” Let the professor come and teach, WE NEED TO TAKE PICTURES!” Yes, it is now seen that the smart phones are doing quite a smart job!


For all those who think that medical students are poor with technology, trust me they’re not! Most of our studies are done with our phones. Right from the time you enter the college and take a picture of the time table to the candid moments in class. Be it a 1.3 pixel or 8 MP Camera, everyone’s at it.


However, if technology is supposed to simplify human efforts, then why not use it to the fullest?

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