Dirty Vidya Balan Makes Fun of Kareena Kapoor

Dirty Vidya Balan Makes Fun Of “Heroine” Kareena Kapoor In Bollywood the one who start the trend becomes the Principal and the others who follow it are known as a Copy Cats..


Vidya Balan Super hit Dirty Picture is inspiring many Bollywood Actresses to turn Bold on Reel Life..  And Kareena Kapoor is one actress who recently got inspired by Vidya’s Dirty Andaaz and askdirector Madhur Bhandarkar to potray her as bold as he wants in his upcoming women centric film “Heroine”…


At an event of Dirty Picture success Bash when Vidya Balan was asked if Kareena Kapoor would make audience Dirty more effectively, Vidya reverted in her Silky andaaz, (Quote – Nobody can make a film like Dirty Picture) Oooh Vidya’s Silky andaaz was very damdaar…


But it will be fun to see if Kapoor Ladli becomes Dirty successfully.

Dirty Vidya makes fun of Kareena Kapoor

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