Dhinchak Tips for New Year 2013

The year is about to end (and ghanta to Mayans – I am still alive :p Free-fund main mamu banaya sabko ). 2012 is finally getting over and 2013 is on its verge. This year I am sure we had lot many memories which will be with us forever. Good, bad & ugly, chahe jo bhi ho karlo , these memories will haunt you and especially some of the bad incident that our country faced (i swear, yaad mat dilao.. khoon khaul utha hai ). So for all you party people in Mumbai, I am sure you must have already planned how you will be spending your 31st dec 2012. 80% of people have already made up their mind, what party,where, how much to drink, how many panga and fights to get involved and many more ( A humble request, please do not get into any eve-teasing and other all shitty stuff, behave very good and in cultured manner to all the ladies.. India has already seen some bad incidents , aur mat badhao yaar..agar woh humari behen nai hai toh kisi na kisi ki toh hogi hi..please respect her.. lets keep it very pleasent and without any cases ). So this is especially for all you people. From a party animal to other party animals of the forest, some last minutes reminders which might help you and make your 31stDec 2012 safe and less lafdeydar.

  1. Going out of Mumbai to party (Lonavala,matheran,some shadey resort near virar etc.) please get ready now and leave (after reading this article), after 5pm each of these places will be flooded with all types of cars (right from maruti 800 to Mercedes benz E class). In order to party hard, you need to be at the venue at the right time and in full fresh avatar. So please try and leave for the place ASAP.
  2. People partying in Mumbai, Please make sure your plan is fixed. Not like, dekhtey hai , still lots of time for 31st Dec’12 (Hello dude!!! You are already on 31st , ab kya next year plan karega) or else you might end up spending you lovely dovely new year waiting in the long que of some hotel,bar,pub or some pani puri wala’s stall.
  3. This for all my Daru wala people – Please know your limit (I am sure you would have done self analysis test at many stages in your life and till now you very well know what is maximum capacity) come on, we don’t want you to puke or get sloshed at 12pm and welcome your 2013 this way. Very bad start guys. Also please respect all the people (especially women ) and living and non-living being around you after you are high. Please talk in local language even after drinking videshi daru , end of the day you are in India (No Russian,No French or Any Non-Human language, which could not be understood by anyone). “PLEASE DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE” it’s a humble request (All metros are on high alert and trust me kafi lambey ke liye under jaogey tum if you get caught )
  4. All group- group people (people who roam in such a huge group that half of the members don’t even know who the other person is / whether that member has contributed to the food bill or sala fukat main khaa k kat liya 😀 ). We know har ek friend zaruri hota hai , but please make sure you count well and based on your vehicle capacity get your members along. Nobody likes to make his/her car or bike a public transport.
  5. Romantic Scene waley couples – The girl will convince her parents with her full dedication that this 31st pooja’s (Sorry to all pooja’s , the most common name you see 😉 ) parents are out of town, so we all girls decided to spend this New Year together. Finally after fighting and negotiating for hours, parents agree and the girl secretly roams with her BF. If you or your girlfriend fall into this bracket, please select a very good place where you could spend this wonderful time with your love. Avoid going to crowded places, you might get spotted by her parents or relatives or her brother and fatkey kha ke nobody wants to welcome his/her new year.
  6. Bikers, my favorite people. Please ensure you have all the bike papers, insurance, PUC and license with you while you ride anywhere in and around Mumbai. The city is already on high alert and Naka-bandi at every nook and corner of the cities. The pandu’s have become very strict these days and they won’t spare you for any goof ups you make. So make sure you have all the necessary documents. Always wear a helmet, even if it is 2 in night where you don’t expect any traffic police to catch you. Kindly do not take any panga with any of the cops or you might end up in serious trouble. Please be polite to them, they are sacrificing their new year so that we could enjoy. Hats off! Mumbai police … Thanks a lot.
  7. This one for the people, who wants some real action (you know what I am talking about; shane log  😀 ) Please make sure, you do it with full protections, if you want, please buy ample stock of Condoms right now after reading this article (please buy it from a chemist away from your locality warna purey mohalley ko pata chal jayega , baccha bada ho gaya hai 😀 ). Make sure you wear it, even when you are very high and could not find a place to pee. Please wear a helmet and play the game.  And preferably, have sex before the New Year party coz after that even spiderman, superman and Krish will not be able to satisfy their partners and so does Charlie’s angel and wonder women too (You don’t want to underperform at the last day of 2011 😉 ). Play safe or the result of this will be out very soon.
  8. All the Dhokla people and my Veggy bandhu’s . If you guys spending a good amount of money and going to a very good party, where everything is on the house (On the house boley toh sab kuch nahi khane ka hota hai). Make sure, you ask the waiter 10 times whether the food is veg or non-veg. If you find something fishy, trust me guys that could be a fish cutlet. So be careful and eat or else you might end up turning non-vegetarians on this New Year.

So the above were some of the tips which might or might not help you to spend your new year in a dhinchak way. We at Dhinchak Mumbai would like to wish you all a very happy new year and a big hug to everyone. Thanks a lot for making us a part of your life in 2012 and we promise to keep serving you the best of Mumbai in 2013 too with some new innovations (Coming soon), (If you on BBM kindly Add our BBM Channel – Dhinchak PINGya! – 274A59BC and stay upated with all the happening of Mumbai ) in Dhinchak Style ! Keep rocking! Keep Dhinchaking!!!

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