Dhinchak tips for healthy monsoon

The rains are here to stay for a while and so is the mood for hot, spicy snacks. Street food like pani-puri, bhel-puri and sandwiches may tempt you, but these are foods that you simply must
stay away from in the monsoons.


This is because monsoon is the time for germs and bacteria which thrive in the unhygienic roadside eateries. As a rule you should avoid eating raw foods during rains, refrigerate leftovers immediately, wash the vegetables used to make salads thoroughly and clean leafy vegetables with care. Above all, try to keep eating out during the monsoons at an absolute minimal.


No doubt the monsoon is a welcome relief after a dry spell for some time. However, the rain also welcomes a multitude of health problems. So it becomes absolutely necessary to take care of your diet. So some tips for our Dhinchak Mumbaikars….


  • *Have boiled, bottled and purified water.
  • *Don’t drink beverages made other than from treated boiled water and so not add ice, even if they are not chilled to your liking.
  • *Avoid juices, buttermilk, lemon juice, etc, from the street vendors. This also includes golas, kulfis, etc.
  • *Eat only well-cooked and hot food.
  • *Throw out food which has a strange odour or mould.
  • *Eat raw fruits and vegetables only if you have washed them in purified water and peeled them
  • yourself.
  • *Take care that you eat a balanced and protein rich diet.
  • *Fried snacks seem really tempting in the monsoons but keep it in moderation once in a while.
  • *Choose grilled sandwiches instead of cold ones.
  • *Opt for hot foods like soup and cooked meals instead of cold and raw foods.


Follow these guidelines to remain safe and healthy during monsoons! Remember, prevention is better than cure…


Most of you guys must have seen “Delhi Belly” So you all really know what I am talking about :p . Also we would like to wish our very dear Dhinchakar Arzan Antia (Sub.Editor – Dhinchakmumbai.com) a healthy and quick recovery from typhoid as he is the 1st  person to get hospitalized from our team , all because of yummy road side food he had while enjoying rains .


Happy Monsoon…:)

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