Dhinchak places in Mumbai in this Monsoon!!!

So Mumbaikars, Are you in love with rains? Do you like to just step out of your home and splash around? Then monsoons are the real time when you will have great fun and you will be in Love with Mumbai all over again. A city known for its blazing heat changes itself magically during Monsoons giving a sigh of relief to many and plenty of reasons to celebrate. So if you aren’t a couch potato and want to travel around, I’ll help you. All you have to do is just come out of your comfort zone and be ready to get a little dirty.


With the season on its full swing, don’t plan to hang around at the city Malls. You have rest of the year for that but you will find the showers only for some time and ill suggest you to make full use of it. It will surely add to your list of Ever-Lasting moments.(Trust me on this )


With clouds blessing you marvelously, and if Nature is your first love you can go for a Nature Walk organized frequently by Bombay Natural History Society(BNHS) and indulge yourself with an amazing one-on-one meeting with nature. All you have to do is regularly visit their site or their Official Fanpage on Facebook and check about their updates.


If you are an artist and photographer than Marine Drive is the right choice. It already has its beauty but with rains it seems like Queen’s Necklace got a New Finishing of Pearls and Diamonds. Breath taking is the correct word and it will offer you the sight you would get desperate to capture.


If you have a huge group and are looking for some fun then you should probably head to Water Kingdom. Not just because it offers great water rides but because the charges are drastically low during monsoons. It will be a perfect hang out place for your entire clan. And if you have a vehicle and your group is bored by the same retreat. There is something different too. You can drive inside Sanjay Gandhi National Park (western Suburb-Borivali) and explore nature, peace, serenity all at once. You can even visit the old Canheri Caves and appreciate its beauty. Have a parcel of ‘‘Hot bhajiyas with tangy chutney of Phudina’’with you and you will be ready for a remarkably wonderful party with your friends.

{P.S-Don’t carry any umbrellas with you!!! :)}


If you are Die hard Romantic, you need not worry. Mumbai is surrounded by seven islands. That means Mumbai has loads of beaches. All you need to do is head to one of them. If you are single take your best friend with you and cherish all your old great memories and if you aren’t single then take your partner with you, and you will have a nicest date ever


With monsoon just make sure you aren’t indoors. Go anywhere as long as you know it’s safe. Play your sport and get high. You will never enjoy anything more pure then these ever again


Now when you decide to roam, you need your energy too. I feel nothing is better than getting drenched and treating your taste buds. Just once you have to stop counting your calories and forget the doors of your favorite restaurant. Surrender yourself completely to the streets.


You can have a hot famous Mumbai ka Vada- paav from your nearest vendor or have yummy bhajiyas and chutney. Treat yourself with that garma garam ‘Bhutta’ and ask the vendor to add the extra Masala and you will feel like heaven. If you love tangy food, go to the chat house and have the most appetizing chat-‘’Paani Puri’’.You have a variety of options from hot South Indian snack to simple hot toast sandwich, from hot cappuccino to simple strong chai.Every single thing is perfect.


With the sweet smell of the earth and startling freshness everywhere, Mumbai looks like heaven during monsoons. You will find everything here from the pictorial landscapes to the great food. She turns so beautiful that you will be forced to love her inspite of her flaws. she has a different sparkle just like a new born baby. So don’t wait, walk around Mumbai in your shorts and sneakers sans your umbrella now and I bet u’ll believe that it is surely a city of dreams!! 🙂

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