Dhinchak Mini Review – Roy

Kasa Kay Mumbai??? So valentine week is around and the valentine treat for this year is “ROY” with the chocolate bouyy Ranbir Kapoor and super stud Arjun Rampal and sizzling Jacqueline Fernandes. Lekin sad part is even these 3 couldn’t  make movie interesting and compel people to watch it till the end.


So lets start with story. Well nothing great woh hi ghisi piti hui kahaani, con-man and uski lonely life meets a girl and another director making movie on the con-man and falls in love with the  girl and the girl and con-man and his girl becomes the characters of his movie and then gets into romance n shit and  boom the movie is over. Yes this is actually the plot and I really don’t mind spoiling it because I am sure once u start watching it you will not have patience to watch it till the end. Super slow Infact i felt that my nails and hair grow faster than the story of Roy. Well cinematography is good. .Loved the way camera travels…Direction is sooooooo slow and okish.. nothing great. Performances, which could have been awesome but naah! Very average. Ranbir, Arjun n Jacqueline  were just ok (Majja nahi aya L) But the good part was at least the music . Full marks for music. Luckily they were shot good so was worth watching it.


Baki nothing great. Don’t waste your money on this one. This is that boring weekday wala movie which you see when you are ill or either hospitalized :P.


1 star for just and just music


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