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Dhinchak Mini Review – Action Jackson

Kasa Kay Mumbai??? Yes yes I know there has been a huge gap between our season 1 & 2 and we are really sorry to not review so many good movies and many shitty ones (Bajane ka mauka gaya, Dukh ussi baat ka hai dost :P) But ab tension nai lene ka, every Friday we will give an honest opinion about all new releases (Coz we still have not found any producer who will pay us to write good review for their movies , so we will stay honest till den 😛 hahaha)


So, ab isko good bolo ya bad , 1st review for season 2 is this week ka release – Action Jackson. I would like to tell you my take on this with a very famous anecdote – “BC! Ch*tya samja hai kya??? Kuch bhi .. Matlab seriously Kuch bhi!!! Dimag ki mother – sister kar di yaar :p”

Story woh hi like regular PrabhuDeva movies. Ek hero jo bura kaam karta hai, gunda type hai, jhol jhapate karta hai and  fir acha kaam karta hai, Ek heroine jo eye candy ke liye rakhi hai and dumb behave karti hai (wohi sonakshi sinha ka regular routine. Same in all the movies , nothing great), Villian and unki gang (with a strict HR policy of recruiting mostly south Indians) with weird color coats and woh hi ghisey-pitey dialogues. The story is nothing great and you will seriously wont care what the f*ck is happening and why the f*ck is happening ? and why the f*ck are you in cinema hall watching this one??? Cinematography bhi woh hi typical types. Fight sequences main kuch bhi Ch*tyapa and slow motions and fir random songs. Item number bhar bhar ke dale hai ( aur kare bhi kya??? Story and script toh hai nahi :P) Music is also not great. Ajay has over done it at most of the places. Sonakshi k liye no comments ( I am still searching for a asprin , headache badh raha hai :P)

So overall, 1.45 hour main kuch nahi kiya. Khaya piya kuch bhi nai glass foda baraanah . Don’t waste your money on this one. TV pe aa jayegi in 2 months tab dekh lena.


1 star and I donno for what??? Hahaha


by – @imsank

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