Dhinchak Ishtar – Geet Sagar – Day 7


The end is always special and as I near it ek film si chal rahi hai aankhon ke aage. Beete saal, log, music, Sangharsh, rewards….Zindagi.


Jab se airlines ne ye 15 kgs only waala rule banaaya hai, it has become very difficult for me to decide on what to take and what not to. Reason ye bhi hai ki I believe in carrying extra stuff too, just in case I need it. Main jab tak apni packing khud na karoon I don’t feel right. Well, tried to do it as quick as possible and left for play rehearsals. Didn’t want to miss it. Atleast apna part karke I came back home and left for the airport.


It was a small aircraft…ATR. This is the second time I am traveling in one. First was from Udaipur to Delhi a few months back. I love them. They remind me of cute little birds. Clicked pictures of those too. Well in a way you could say I feel fascinated. While on flight, I was really getting bored. Tried reading books, magazines, listened to songs, but nothing helped. So asked this girl next to me – I am super bored, can we chat? Haha. Acchi baat ye ki she too was happy to talk. Atleast mujhe to aisa hi lagaa. It was a good conversation for the rest of the flight. Ingita Shrivastava she was. I like positive and generous people. Wo log jo muskuraate hain, hans kar baatein karte hain aur jinke dimaag ke peeche zyaada kuch chal nahi rahaa hota. Simple people are the best people.


Jabalpur land hue. I was already so excited flight mein se nazaare dekh dekh kar. A green cover surrounded me everywhere. I recalled my first ever overseas trip to Africa. Excatly aisi hi feeling. Itni fresh air as if I breathed for the first time. Was warmly welcomed by the media and a bunch of beautiful roses. From the airport, I headed straight to the rehearsal hall. Raasta khushnumaa tha. AC band karwa kar I pulled the window glass down. Taazi hawaa, khaali sadak, aas paas hariyaali. 3 saalon baad Jabalpur aane ka mazaa hi kuch aur tha.


Rehearsal hall aayaa to they welcomed me by playing my entry song. “Kaun hai jo sapno mein aaya”. Very touched. Jaane pehchaane chehre. Kuch naye bhi. All excited. Seniors ke pair chhue, doston ke gale lagaa and kickstarted rehearsals. Jab aapke apne log respect aur pyaar dete hain wo feeling alag hi hoti hai. Aise mein chhati choudi ho jaati hai. Sach mein realize hota hai ki kuch to kiya hai life mein. All God’s grace and well-wishes from people.


As I entered the hotel this guy walks up to me and says – Sir, Shreya ji kitni cute hain. Aap unki team mein hi the na? Maine dekha sir. Haha. I had such a big smile on my face and it was one of the rarest moments as I felt shy… sach mein. I am still smiling as I write narrate it to you. Khair, I entered my room and was served with very delicious soup and starters. Chatted with the organizers for a while. Soon after they left, owners from an event management company stepped in. Young guys, well dressed, with a bouquet of flowers in hand. I was an event manager too before moving to the other side. It still feels good to meet event managers, thode apne se lagte hain. The amount of hard work behind any event is unexplainable.


After their departure, dropped in the musical genius, my elder brother, my friend and my guide, Shridhar bhaiya. We have known each other for more than 10 years now. University ke competitions mein mile the. I have been in awe of him ever since. He brought me to Jabalpur for the very first time. It was a night in the name of legendry music director Madan Mohan. Unke ghar rahaa hoon, music samjhaa hai unke saath. He comes from a musical background- his father is a flautist, mother a singer. Can’t thank them enough for treating me as their son. Shridhar bhaiya is a music composer and programmer by profession and is also a national award winner in tabla, classical singer trained by Ustad Ahmed Hussain Mohammad Hussain in light vocals and has done theatre as well. He is very well read and a music encyclopedia for me. Words can’t explain my love and respect for him.


Well he dropped in with his younger brother Abhishek. And the mood changed. His sense of humour is gripping. So the three of us went out for a drive and ate some delicious food from the roadside stalls. Driving through the city, I relived the past again..


I also happened to meet my friend Dushyant We had dinner together. Met him after 3 long years and almost lost contact. Was shocked to know he had seen so much in the last few years. He was in coma for three and half months after an accident and woke up with a memory loss. Mean while his girl friend left him. But by God’s grace with in a year everything is back on track. His memory, his job, all is back again. Also his girlfriend is married to some other guy. God has his own ways to teach us and also to cut the unwanted ties out of life.


Sitting by myself in my hotel room I had a flashback of memories of this very city, where I lived with a couple of friends in a duplex we rented. Those were indeed the best times of my life. Avinash, Dushyant, Rahul, Raghu, Ashish, Vishwajeet, what a time that was. Time has flown and so have the birds from that old nest. Life got busy, we got busier. But it’s strange how life makes you cross the same roads so you can have a glimpse of reality, learn your lessons and be thankful for what you have. Sometimes, also for what you don’t have. What you lost.


Ye mera aakhri blog hai. Roz likhne ki aadat pad gai is hafte likhte likhte. Accha lagta hai. Kuch dino pehle jab blog ka link main Facebook par nahin daal paaya to Preeti ne to phone karke pooch bhi liya ki where is the blog Mr.? I didn’t know people read it so keenly. Shukriyaa aap sabka. Thanks Giselle, Srushti and the whole team. For choosing me and guiding me through it. It’s a fab idea in itself to let someone have a chance to share his life. Keep it up.


Kal rehearsals, press conference, meeting a few more friends and relatives. Parso the main night, performance. Music has given me all I have. It has loved me truly and unconditionally. I have grown as a person too just by being a disciple. Music deserves a big thank you too.


Not forgetting the man who makes this all possible for me, my manager Pawan Bharadwaj. He’s been my guide, my mentor and most importantly my backbone. Family away from family, is how I would describe his presence in my life. He has believed in my talent and helped me nurture it. Encouraging me all the way through good times and bad. Couldn’t thank him enough.


I feel overwhelmed as I wrap up writing. Don’t know why. I have my eyes glued to the laptop but I see strips from the past. I see how much it took me to get where ever I am. Love to all of you.


Keep the music on…


Keep singing your song…



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