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Dhinchak Ishtar – Geet Sagar – Day 5


Sleeping late helps u wake up late. Try it sometime. Its fun. Here comes a morning where I am already late, even before I wake up. The morning started with spilling my glass of water. Arjun makes sure I have it next to me as I wake up. Well it surely helped me to jump out of bed. Generaly it’s a process, atleast 15 -20 minutes long :p


Rushed to take a shower and got ready in a blink. Breakfast was ready so had it fataafat. Play rehearsals were to start at 12. Drove to the hall just to find that I was still in time. Most of them were late. Well, read story Naye Baadal from Mohan Rakesh ki yaadgaari kahaaniyaan. I love short stories. I have started to fall in love with reading again…acchaa lagta hai. Story was about how we as often assume things, aksar negative. Pehle se hi logon ke bare mein, cheezon ke bare mein ek maansiktaa banaa lete hain. Prejudice.


People started coming in. Got on the floor. Did a small role today as Raja Janak, Sita’s Father. Feels good. Once you do something after keen observation you can easily feel how much you need to work on yourself. Apni kamiyaan dikhne lagti hain which I think is surely good. My friends here are superb in their jobs. Also I am very bad at memorizing stuff, ye log poore poore plays kaise yaad kar lete hain yaar. Gazab.


Khair, I took a leave early from the rehearsals as nmy work was done there and wanted to do my riyaaz. Itne din huye and I never mentioned riyaaz na? Karta hoon ji..wo bhi kartaa hoon. Ghar par, car mein, jahaan waqt mile. Uske alawa ghar par sincerely to karta hi hoon. Ghar aayaa. Had lunch aur ludhak gayaa. Wanted a nap. Aur jaise hi aankh lagi phone bajnaa chaaloo. So finaly couldn’t sleep. Utha, to realized ki poori building ki power cut thi. Some fault in the lift so they had to cut the power for sometime. Sat at the window aur hawaa ko pedo se khelte dekhaa…baarish…hawaa…pedon ka shor…tempted me to go to the terrace. Had a quite and pleasant time there.


Light aa gai hai. Plugged in my harddrive and got glued to some Rafi Saaheb. Spent an hour with him. If I start talking about his voice it will take me another hour. Just that have been hearing his voice since childhood, still so fresh. Wow.

So sat for riyaaz and sang for good one hour. Peace. Planned to watch yet another movie. Ship of Theseus. Online booking shows the show is sold out. Hard luck. Planned to go to Bandra, didn’t. Grabbed the book again. Mohan Rakesh ki yaadgaari kahaaniyaan. Trees still are playing around with the wind, shouting, I am cozily in my bed, all wrapped up in a sheet. Seems like a good night.

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