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Dhinchak Ishtar – Geet Sagar – Day 2



Day 2 : –


I almost missed my flight to Mumbai on Saturday. 4:15 in the morning and I was still in my room at the resort and in order to catch the flight I had to reach the airport by 4:45 at any cost.


Then started the series of delays. The taxi was late and this DJ dude jumps in the scene and takes on the responsibility to drop me to the airport, more importantly ‘in time’. I stepped into his modified Hyundai Accent and as soon as he started the car…Fat Gai yaar…films mein dikhaate hain na how these racer cars go vroooooooooom vrooooom like a MIG about to take off.


Just FYI, MIG’s are also known as the ‘flying coffins’ as it’s been the cause of a number of accidents in the past. I was scared. I neither drive nor sit with someone who drives rash. Yahi wo samay tha jab bhagwaan ne mujhe darshan diye aur bole –


Moorkh Manushya..tujhe itna bhi nahin gyaan…


Ki khatre mein hain tere praan…


Iske sapno ko lag gaye hain pankh


Coz this Dj dude is drunk…


Seat se chipak ke baithaa rahaa because that’s all I could do. Speedometer dekh dekh ke praan sookhte rahe. But at the end of the rollercoaster journey, I did manage to reach the airport on time, thanks to the DJ dude. I still don’t know if he reached back safe. Michael Schumacher agar use drive karte dekh lete toh I bet car racing se sanyaas le lete.


Reached Mumbai, back to home sweet home. Tried to get some sleep after spending a sleepless night in Jaipur. Lekin jaise hi aankh lag jaati thi kisi na kisi ka phone aa jaataa, I was expecting some really important calls so silent mode par phone daalna namumkin tha. Tukde tukdo mein I barely managed to sleep for 2 hours.


Saturday evening I was invited to Wilson College to judge their solo singing event called “Winds of Change” for their BMM festival ‘Polaris 2013’. I was really excited. Also as I told u, my friend Tushar Joshi was judging it too. It had been a while since we met. Mujhe accha lagta hai logon se milnaa, baatein karnaa. So in order to spend some quality time together, Tushar and I asked the college management to send us only one car. I must mention our escorts Lopa Mudra and Sakshata from the college teams were sweethearts.


I did visit Wilsons a couple of years ago, this time round it was different. As we entered their guest’s room I saw some Femina Miss India Finalists waiting too, who were judging the Fashion Show. We met Mrs. Dolly Thakore too.


We had a very warm welcome at Wilsons. Lana, Ron, Benette, Shrushti from the team briefed us about the event before we proceeded to judge. Tushar and I, both felt the warmth oozing.


I also happened to meet Stell Pakhre at Polaris. Remember the last minute group from X factor ? The all girls singing group. She was part of the girl group. She has always been a sweetheart and while it was a brief meeting, it really felt great. Log jab bhi milte hain apne saath yaadein lekar aate hain. Aisa lagta hai gale lagte waqt shaayad puraani yaadon ka perfume kuch aapke oopar bhi reh jaataa hai. I sometimes think ki kaise log yaadon se jude hote hain…ya yaadein logon se…amazing J


We were escorted to the hall where the event was to take place. Khachaakhach bharaa hua hall. Mujhe apne college days yaad aa gaye. Hum log bhi isi tarah university ke festivals ke liye jaayaa karte the. Gaate bajaate rehte the. So much josh was in the air, I felt woooowww.


We silently entered the room and got seated. 22 contestants were to sing. Each one had to sing one cover and one of their original compositions. Kuch log dare hue…kuch confident…kuch over confident..kuch unprepared…kuch well prepared..kuch shauqiyaa…har tarah ke log gaane ko se bharpoor wo hall ekdum maidan-e-jung ke jaisi garmaahat se bharaa hua tha. The competition introduced us to some really beautiful compositions and some really bright voices. A big applause from me for those talented boys and girls.


After the competition I headed back home. It was drizzling. As I sat to write, body red signal dene lagi, was very tired and sleepy. But well, what’s a trip to town if you don’t stop by Haji Ali and get your bowl of Sitafal ice-cream. :p It’s out of the world and if you try it too, it’s sure to blow your mind away.


I gazed out of the window as the car runs past the Sea link. My mind begins to draw connections. If the car was to represent life the passing pillars and people would just be memories…apni raftaar se zindagi isi tarah roz aage badhti jaati hai…log milte hain…cheezein hoti hain…hansi khushi din guzarte jaate hain…raat ke jaane aur subah ke aane ke beech jo time milaa hai…main thodi der sona chaahtaa hoon… and with that I bid the day Good Night.


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