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Dhinchak Ishtar – Geet Sagar – Day 1


Day 1 : –

Fatne ka koi time ya age decided nahin hota hai bhai, kabhi bhi, kahin bhi, kisi ki bhi jagah fat sakti hai aur kisi bhi baat par. As I fly to Jaipur and look down my window, I see the aircraft wings function. The pilot sounded relaxed and calm notifying us that, ‘we were flying some 9.5 kms above ground and the temperature outside was 27 degrees below freezing point’…bas phir kya thaa….fat gai.


Idle mind is the devils workshop they say and my mind started working overtime. It literally started a slide show of what all that could happen in a split second. Adding some more masaalaa to it was the air hostess’s announcement, ‘ kripyaa kursi ki peti baandh lein…kharaab mausam ke kaaran seat belt signs band ki gai hai’. It made me smile only this time, to fool myself, to remind me that I had no control on what could happen.


A lil flashback…Fat isliye bhi gai ki my friend Giselle called me asking if I would enjoy writing…writing a blog…for one whole week…this was on my way to the airport in the morningh …bhai..ladki thi…impression jamaane ko bol diyaa…mujhe kya maaloom tha ki she will say ki I have to start it aaj se hi…yes I write at times…but that is when noone is reading…so as I sat here to write and started thinking what to write…and literally again…fat gai 😛


As I landed at Jaipur SAFELY, I got a call from a very dear friend who got to know about my arrival in the city. Her first expression was…JAIPUR? Pink City? Why is it called Pink City? That question made me ponder. I was indeed clueless…apne hotel tak aate aate maine her cheez..har stree purush … har vastu ko ghooor ghoor ke dekhaa aur pataa lagaane ki koshish ki why- Pink City? I mean as a normal citizen of my country I anyway had stopped questioning ages ago, so this didn’t seem important beyond a while.


I stayed at this resort called Lebua. A beautiful property surrounded by scenic beauty, humble people to serve. I travelled back in time and thought of how this was all a dream to me till very recently. I just remember being madly in love with music and singing, to be precise. Never did I think of the perks there were in store for me. I mean I just thought of doing music, understanding it better, loving it more. But surely, the way it is loving me back is something I can’t explain, I feel humbled and overwhelmed, and I am saying this here at this point of time coz every-time I step out of my home to travel places to perform, I feel thankful towards the offerings of life. It is beautiful.


I locked my room, took a nap, got up, made myself some tea and switched on my laptop to prepare for the evening. I tend to forget my lyrics all the time…actually dimmag ki ram choti hai…so overload hote hi hang ho jaata hai 😛 So I started sorting my playlist and started with a refreshed brain.


I hate performing on tracks, I mean it kills all your freedom to perform and interact but sadly because it brings expenses pretty low, most organizers prefer it over having a live band. Also this work came through an old friend so I had to accept it.


I carried my camera along for soundcheck. Cameras can be such good friend


I love getting ready for the concert, I feel like a warrior getting ready for the battle. It makes me feel like I was born for this moment. To entertain, to make people smile,to sing. As I go on stage to perform ‘I am at my best’, in a trance altogether. Not that every concert is a masterpiece but yes, I always try to make it the best. Excited yet calm, happy yet curious I was to see those faces waiting for me. What an amazing feeling!


I performed some of my favorite songs. I believe if you truly like something and render it in your own confident way, people like it too. Your love for that very thing makes it come alive. I love interacting with people while on stage, letting them perform with me. A little chit chat, some fun, singing duets with them on the spot, sharing jokes, talking about how one particular song has a an interesting background in terms of making…kin logon ne kitni mehnat se koi gaanaa banaayaa. I love the feeling of being myself when I am on stage. Feels like home.


Coming back to the gig, very receptive audience and motivating too. I felt good and could feel the vibe. Did my job well and as soon as I got off the stage I felt so satisfied. Nothing can beat a high of a job well done.


It was a friend’s birthday too here, so got to celebrate it a little.


Life has changed for good. I travel; I meet people, see the beauty of life, pleasure of doing what I love the most, and earn a decent amount. At the end of it all, I’m loved and respected much more than ever before. Couldn’t be more grateful for what I have.


Someone posted on my facebook wall today. A comment on my picture, ‘BRO…YOU ARE THE CHOOSEN ONE’ I am indeed Ishwar apne nishaan kis tarah chhodtaa jaataa hai hamaari zindagiyon par…YES…I AM THE CHOOSEN ONE!


God is betting on me and I better win 


I sign off now, bracing myself for the judging that I need to do at Wilson’s college, Mumbai on Saturday. Is it hectic to live my life? Yes… but I enjoy every bit of it. I’m going to judge alongside legends tomorrow.


Stay in loop with Dhinchak Mumbai and me to follow the revelations of the days ahead through the week.



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