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Bade hoke sab ko doctor banna hai, or else engineer, chalo maximum teacher, but have you ever thought of dance as a career choice? Well, someone did. And, no, he ain’t a DID champ. This week’s DhinchakInspiration stole hearts with his swift dance moves on the Malhar battle field, little did he know back then that a Post Graduate degree in Geology, would push him to explore opportunities on the polished dance floor.


A science education, a first job with a social media agency and a future in dance, our DhinchakInspiration Elvis, tells you what it takes to become dhinchak in this big bad world.


Q. When did you first realize that dance was your thing?​

A. Well, it was not an instant pop up in my head that said, ‘Yeah, this is it, I’m going to be a dancer/choreographer’. It was more of a gradual process. I started dancing when I was in F.Y.BSc for a local fest, then went on to do a workshop with a renowned choreographer, was asked by my instructor to audition for the company scholarship​, but decided to study.


Q. Why pursue a Master’s in Geology? Why not a course in dance? Would you say it was societal pressure?

A. I always believe that a basic education degree is essential. It’s a foundation for your career, be it in any field science, dance, theatre, photography etc. Pursuing a degree in Geology was my own decision as I liked the subject and found it interesting. I didn’t know of a school that offered a BFA course in India and on the International level, I couldn’t afford the course fee.


Q. What is the most inspiring thing about teaching?​

A. The more I teach, the more I learn. According to me, the person who learns the most at my class is me. As a teacher, I get to meet amazing people with varied personalities and background stories, something that I have always loved. Also, the fact that I can share my love and passion for and knowledge of dance with others is a thrill.


Q. What is the most irritating thing you hear people say when you tell them you are a dancer/choreographer?​

A. ​Initially my peers would laugh and talk about career problems, supporting a family etc. But as time has passed, people have become more acceptable and supportive. I guess, it’s the awareness and buzz created by the reality shows. People have begun to understand the scope of dance and many more are pursuing the art as a career which is awesome.

Q. If you had to define dance in one word, what would that be?

  1. ​Expression​


Q. Share with us some memories of early dance competitions you may have participated in that changed your life​

A. My first competition was at Malhar, the Annual fest at St. Xavier’s College. Without any prior training, I was chosen to play the lead role in the routine. The thrill, the adrenaline rush and ​those moments on stage is something I will remember always. Elvis had entered the dance industry on the count of 5, 6, 7, 8!


Q. Future growth plans ?​

A. Get trained from instructors near and far. Perform, perform and perform. And hopefully, someday, own a dance school.​


Q. One song from the 90’s that makes you sway to its beats even today?​

A. ​Black or white, Mambo no 5., Ice Ice Baby…too many! The 90’s was good!


Q. Do you think shows like DID and others have helped popularize dance as a career choice now ?​

A. To some extent. It has helped create awareness about various dance styles from around the world.


Q. One message to mumbaikars waiting to kickstart an unconventional career​

A. As cliche as it may sound, ‘Follow your dreams’ coz that’s whats going to make you happy. If not as a full time career atleast keep in touch with your passion.​


And on that note, Go get INSPIRED Mumbai. Jee le apni zindagi

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