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Dhinchak Inspiration – Clyde Rodrigues

Kabhi kabhi kuch jeetne ke liye kuch haarna padta hai. Aur haarke jeetne waale ko Baazigar kehte hai.


90’s ke baccho ko ye dialogue toh bahot acche se yaad hoga. But how many times have we come across someone who has believed in his or her talent so strongly that they have gone all out living off their belief in themselves. In a time and age when most of us are running around minting money, working a 9-5 job (well not us.. humare karta dharta toh aap hi hai), there are some who choose the unconventional career path and make a niche for themselves. These dhinchak individuals are those that inspire us to show the middle finger to ‘duniya kya kahegi’ japne wale individuals and go for the kill.


We met Clyde Rodrigues as a 12th grader with a mission to someday sing on the big ‘Malhar’ stage 4 years ago. 4 years later, he is part of a budding city based band ‘Voctronica’, he is on TV, at NCPA and soon at a weekender near you, doing, in his own words, ‘his own shit’.


Clyde shares with Dhinchak his journey of being just another Xavierite giving wings to his dreams, to now being a full-time musician. In an email tete-a-tete, here’s what we asked him:


1. Describe your journey as a musician so far. Tell us about all the high’s and low’s

My journey began a long time ago, maybe when I was four (because that’s when I started singing). But being a little realistic, I would say it was only when I was 13 that I first touched a guitar in the true sense. Boarding school was the ideal place to hone my skills. Then came Xavier’s, the place to be for any 16 year old trying to go one up in life. In my years of college, I have grown a lot, experiencing the reality of the music scene in the city. Before I knew it, I was playing solo and with the band at college fests in and around the city, at pubs and bistros. It was then that I decided to explore music as a career option. It’s been fair, really. I have had employers not pay me for 9 months and running and I’ve had entire glasses of red wine as tips from the customers in my bistro session days (How I miss playing a chilled out brunch session!). The transition from that phase to where I am right now has been overwhelming to say the least. My journey is still only beginning.


2. How has it been back home ? Were your folks always encouraging with you taking to music ?

Things back home have been great. Music has always been important to us as a family. My dad used to be a drummer. However,when I discussed the possibility of a career in music, they were a little uncertain at first, (because which parent wouldn’t be!) But things have fallen in place now.


3. Most people looked down on musicians, but now with platforms opening up to artists, do you think times have changed ?

A musician’s life is unconventional, always seen as someone who does not conform to the norms of society. A musician’s life will always be a struggle. What’s most awkward is telling people that you plan to do this for a living! The music scene has a long way to go in this place. But thankfully, due to many initiatives just like yours, we’re a little better off as of today.


4. How crucial was Malhar as a platform to shaping your career ?

I cannot stress enough on this. Malhar will always have a very special place in my life. It was on that stage that I learned many lessons. It was on that stage that I was discovered by the world and by Voctronica. People knew me for the longest time as the boy who sang on that stage every year. It was heartbreaking not to be part of it anymore. It’s been over a year since I last played in that quadrangle, but it feels like last Saturday.


5. Future plans with Voctronica? Will we also be watching you perform solo soon?

Voctronica is moving forward swiftly right now and there’s much happening for us. We have a nice-looking gig season ahead. You’ll find us at the New Wave Asia festival in Goa and the NH7 weekender in Pune, both in November. Besides that, we’ll just keep releasing good tracks to keep you entertained.


And oh, you want to watch me solo?

Soon soon.


6. How much does the chocolate boy look help with the girls? Lots of people female fan following?

Chocolate boy look? Really? I don’t have the slightest idea about this. Voctronica has a small,decent following out there. But I’m quite unsure as to how many are female and further, how many are exclusive to me. 😉


7. Message to mumbaikars on following their dreams

I am reminded of a line from a song I heard as a kid:

” Follow your heart, hold on to your soul.

That is the way I know.

Follow your star till rainbows unfold.

And we’ll walk in the sun as one, until the end of the road.”


(Box text:

Greatest Music Inspiration: Elvis Presley

One song that changed your life: bohemian rhapsody by queen)


His charming smile charmed us and made us believe that if agar kisi cheez ko sacche dil se chaho, toh puri kayanat usse haasil karne ke liye jud jaati hai.


(Clyde is the lead vocalist for popular Mumbai band Voctronica. Follow him on Instagram @theclydus)

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