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Kasa Kay Mumbai??? Its been a long time when I pen downed my opinion about whats happening n all (Ab kya batau…Life ne itni palti mari na .. But ab badhu fine chey!) So , practically I am an international personality now. Yes! Bhaiyo aur Behno I finally managed to take break from work and did all the jugaad and I am here in Marseille, France completing my masters (and still managing the site from here). So this is my 1st international editorial coming straight from france to you!!! (bus, bus taliya aur nai..sharam aa rahi hai ) (Missing Mumbai the most.. especially the vada pav.. Sala yaha kuch milta hi nahi 🙁 )

So, tomorrow is the “D-Day” AKA Elections hai boss and also dry day from last 2 days which will finally end. But on a serious note, yes the moment is here again when you get a chance to make a change and choose candidates who will make Mumbai a better place to live (followed by the same boring speeches and hoardings, radio ads , rallies and random people knocking your door and asking for votes..yes!!! all of this..  all over again ). From last 5 years Mumbai has become bad to worse. Right from Traffic to Prices to Potholes to Local trains, everything has lost its charm (Sala ghar se nikalne ko mann nai karta hai). We get stuck in traffic at every signal, at every corner. Right from Chembur to Churchgate , Bandra to Borivali , just traffic and traffic all the way. Even if you manage to make your way via your bike but don’t worry the poor road conditions will make sure you don’t reach to your destination on time. (Boss har ek chiz ki lagi padi hai , in short 🙁 ) I have faced all these and I am sure you must have faced it too and are still facing it. The worst thing is that even emergency services like Fire Brigade and Ambulances also get stuck and there is practically no way out for them too to get out of these jams and reach the spot on time. Yes, we got the metro (wooh!!! Huraay!!!) But after waiting for so many years. We got the Freeways (Again woohh!! Hurray!!!) But after a long wait. We are one of the fastest growing cities of the world, we should have got this long back. May be no body every thought about this? Or if they did no body cared to work for it or if they worked why didn’t they meet the deadlines? I am sure this is a never-ending discussion.

So boss, baat ka hetu yeh hai ki the time is here, we got the power in our hands again (technically a finger :p ) . We exercised it recently during the Loksabha elections (So practise ho chuki hai.. pata hai apna ward no n all kaha milega 😀 )  and we very well know how it could change the entire destiny of the country. What miracle could happen if 1.25 billion people decide to get 1 man on the top of the country, nothing can stop that (Boss one side game tha.. It created a history.. World’s largest democracy coming together just to choose 1 single person.. Simply amazing!!! :D). So don’t think that there won’t be any change in future. Yes, this is the time again to change. To select the right person who works.

You will find many candidates asking for vote in the name of their leaders but sala they have never done anything while they were in power or even if they were not, there was no existence of their work.So why should i vote them???  So, be smart and choose wisely. I think we should move ahead and take a smart decision of selecting candidates who really work than just asking to vote so that their party could be in majority. I am not pro or anti any political party, but yes I am Pro Progress. I want a person who can develop Mumbai and Maharashtra. I really don’t care what party you belong to or what is your family background. (Kaam karega toh vote milega) I want my MLA who can work to provide better infrastructure or at least good roads without potholes, which stays good in all the weather conditions. Who can provide permanent solutions to traffic problems and promotes development. I am sure you must have seen Satyamev jayate (All 2 seasons and 3rd season ke 2 episodes), there are so many solutions available. If a TV show could do research and find solutions, boss aap toh Mai-baap ho, chaho toh kya nahi kar sakte ho… I believe any candidate asking for vote in the name of their party leader or party is like a students asking teachers to give him 1st rank in the class just coz his brother is a topper of the school. Don’t you find it funny?? And still candidates are doing it, donno why???

So, iss baar button dabao and get people who will work not the people who belong to particular party or who have good pictures of their leaders on their campaigns or who belong to a particular family.

A Dhinchak request to all the Mumbaikars , Bhailog pata hai kal chutti ka din hai.. Aaram karo.. Chill Maro.. But after you Vote!!!

Jai Hind!!! Jai Maharashtra!!!

– By a Dhinchak Mumbaikar (@imsank)


P.S.- Picture Courtesy – MumbaiVotes.com (Thank you Bhailog!!! Good job about educating people about their candidates :D)

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