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Today as an a Mumbaikar.. I really feel ashamed when I just saw this video clip circulating on Social media (Well not the 1st time but something really made me write this) . A group of well built (Fukat ka paisa kha ke which is actually my tax money and humara khoon chus chus ke banai hui body wale) humiliating 2 teenagers on a skywalk somewhere near Badlapur or Ambarnath (not sure, but could make our from their conversations in the video). The reason was because as a teenager (which is the best time of life.. remember your 1st crush, your 1st date, your late night talks on phone??? Still I wish I could be in that period again) they were hanging around at the skywalk of the railway station just may be talking or spending time (away from getting noticed from the known people, you know that feeling). But not involving anything wrong..No smoking at public vandalising public property nor even doing drugs, but just spending time with each other (even if they held hands or even kissed, so wat? big deal?). Suddenly these goons or so-called “Moral Police” pops up and I am sure they are politically related because no body has this fukat time to indulge in all these things. Boss, fact is people don’t even help a dying man when he is in need because time nahi hai  (that’s the hard truth, accept it..we have hundreds on incidences to prove it ). These goons including a huge male with moustache and scary looking women seen in the video starts bashing up this teenage couple . Over that, this brutality is recorded on their mobile phone and is being posted on social media and circulated over whatsapp and these fuckers are boasting about it as if they have done a major contribution in making Mumbai a safer place. This would be the biggest nightmare for those teenagers and I feel really sorry for them. Yaar, apne log hai who and how could you do this to them?

But even more I feel sorry for such people and those who support them (not stopping them is also considered as supporting). I mean, how can someone live their life like this by hurting and humiliating someone. They consider this as an achievement??? I mean what kind of people we have around us??? Moral police for what??? You guys will decide how we live and whom we meet? (Where in You have not achieved anything in life. except beating people on the roads, you are just like stray dogs that fight and chase the cars and feel proud about it and you expect me to listen to you? Fuck you!) You will decide what we wear? (If you people are left on the road naked, for your entire life you won’t even earn money enough to buy a t-shirt and shorts..I can bet on it) It’s high time that we stand up against this. I am not an expert nor I am some great leader neither am I related anywhere to politics (that’s the reason I live a normal life and like everyone even I struggle with my finances and other issues.. jugaad laga padta hai boss roz ke roz :P) nor I am called on News hour with Arnab Goswami. But I am a crazy  yet sensible Mumbaikar who runs a portal, which connects lots of youth everyday and so I feel lucky to have this privilege to put my views forward. And I am making the most of it

I really feel we should or at least we could do something to get rid of these moral police. So the ideas are simple and doable –

*Try to stop any such nonsense happening around you. Remember they are only 10 or 15 but as a crowd we are more in number. If we all come together and stop them while doing these, they won’t dare to do any such thing again. Train main kabhi Pick pocketer pakda jata hai toh kaise every one in the compartment just pounces on him and wants to beat the shit out of him (without even know what might be the real reason) and we all want to just do our haath saaf.(Don’t say no! every one has done that! Behti Ganga main sab haath dhote hai ) Haath saaf karna hai??? Do on these people. They are worse than the pick pocketers. Ok here you might feel I am promoting violence but boss train main toh marte ho na??? jagda hota hai toh haath toh uthta hai na?? Just asking you to chanelise your violence for a better cause. At least your violence will result in a better from all such Chutiyas.

*For the people who cannot do anything and just love watching shows and loves recording videos like a citizen journalist. Please use your mobile phone for the right cause. Instead of clicking pictures and recording videos of a person who is dying in a accident, record these goons and post it on social media like facebook, twitter,youtube etc. Why not we start this campaign of listing down these idiots. Just post pictures or videos of these goons instead of the victims with hashtags like #Gunda #Molester or any random shitty name you can think of. But the focus is to expose them and humiliate them and not the victim. We live a free country..we have right to live the way we want and these guys cannot decide that. The victims are also one of us. Today they are humiliating these kids tomorrow they can beat you and me. If they are not stopped now it could turn out even worse.

One more important thing to all dear political leaders of the city. Stop supporting such people, if you don’t do it now.. Please don’t you dare to come and ask for votes. These 15 people wont make you win elections but we 11 million citizens of Mumbai will. So stop promoting them. Enough is enough. Yes, I am frustrated but it’s because of you and your people who come up with this shit called “Moral Policing” we citizens are suffering. Just learn one single good thing from most of the western countries where PDA is allowed and loving is not a crime for your kind information. (Kya tum Sanskriti ki maa thokte rehte ho? There are so many good things our sanskriti teaches us are you following it? No na? then better shut the fuck up and let us live the way we want! you better focus on developing your region and making the city safer for our sisters and mothers  )and why they are way better than us atleast in this sense because they don’t beat or humiliate their own people. Yes, they also have crimes and other problem, even they are not perfect but at least they don’t beat teenagers on road and humiliate their own people and citizens. And you sir, are supporting such idiots. Stop it please.

– From a frustrated Mumbaikar.

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