Dhinchak Diwali – Recycle it Baby!

With Diwali being round the corner we bring to our gourmet readers some kitchen essentials making this Diwali dhamaka a little eco-friendly and yet easy on the pocketbook. So if you plan on inviting a
few friends over or are tired of splurging and have a tight budget? We have just the right thing for you!

Beginning with some crockery, we suggest either recycling your colourful old wine bottles into water containers by neatly pealing off the stickers and placing some painted corks or if you could spend
a little, you could buy some glass water bottles of various shapes and sizes available at Crawford Market. This would give a natural and earthy touch.

Coming to the loved by all section – khaana-peena, since this festive season is all about binging on your favourite mithais, why not try to make some? This year we suggest using all your left overs
and coming up with something of your own. Perhaps just something as basic as cream, sugar, and biscuits could help you make some out of the world mithais. Moreover, if your festival has to end
with peg of ‘daroo’, you could experiment with some left over juice or pulp and make a cocktail that never invented before.

So this Diwali do your bit to help nature (and of course your wallet too). Stay tune!

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