Dhinchak CEO Varun Das

Dhinchak CEO – Varun Das

CEO’s are of two types – ek boring, suit tie waale; ek interesting, jeans tee waale. And then there’s a third type, the insanest (if that’s a word) people you may meet.


Our CEO this week belongs to the third type (shaayad). His schedule is so tight, you have to consult with his sheep asssistant Bob. Normal human beings complain that they cannot have a regular conversation with him, but when it comes to boardroom decisions, this 26 year old can pull off being the Boss with elan.


We were fortunate enough to have Bob fix up a meeting with the self proclaimed Batman, our DhinchakCEO of the week, Varun Das.


Q. What is the best thing about being your own boss?

A. Being the boss is epic! I feel like Donald Trump, ready to fire someone if they don’t do the chicken dance right. But on a serious note, it’s good for someone like me who cannot fit into a 9-5 schedule. My work and other projects don’t have a fixed time and it really helps to work out a productive schedule without compromising the quality of the work.


Q. Tell us about how you balance between playing paintball, lending vocals to a popular music band and being batman

A. That’s easy. Extreme sports during the day, performing with my band Modern Mafia by evening and crime fighting as Batman at night! Yes, it’s a bit tough to keep up but i can’t think of another way to spend my days. I would go crazy in an office with a normal job….that’s why i’m Batman….na na na na……Batman….


Q. One advise to Mumbaikars waiting to startup

A. Be ready for failure, a lot of it before you even get off the ground. Be prepared to invest every last penny you saved for the dream bike or car just to pay the first month of bills and don’t give up easy unless you realize you miss the corporate job and the daily drama. Doing things on your own is amazing and when you finally fulfill that first project it’s beyond ecstasy. But you have to have the determination to do it, pick yourself up when you fall and understand that if you fail you have no one else to blame but yourself. If you can’t wake up in the morning ready for a challenge every day of your life then stick to your normal job.


Q. When faced with extreme work pressure, what does Varun Das do?

A. I just do more of my job. I have a fun job. Extreme Sports is fun. Usually the stress isn’t from the job, but the people around. So when it gets too much I just ask them to meet me on the paintball field and I shoot them a lot, feel better and get back to work.


Q. For a startup how important is it to take a risk?

A. That depends on who’s money is being put on the line. If it’s yours or a loan you have taken, then hell yes it’s a risk. If it’s from a well off uncle or a family fortune then you can breathe a bit till that runs out. The risk factor is always around and it has to be a calculated one, but then again how different is that from crossing the streets in Mumbai.


Q. How would you define the future of adventure sport?

A. I think it’s huge. Everyone is looking for something new to try out, have a bit of fun and get away from the usual movies, restaurants and malls. The best part is that if you try something adventurous once, you will never stop. It’s an addiction and a good one. India is a great market but unfortunately adventure sports is not regulated and safety is generally abused or taken for granted. I really hope that changes soon and people push for safer activities with proper safety standards in place.


( Box text:

3 random questions:

Favorite superhero

– Batman…..i’m not being self obsessed or anything.


First career choice

– Wanted to be a musician since i was 5.


Favorite pick up line

– Hello, would you like to see my camel?)


Of all Varun’s interviews that we have read, this by far is the most intelligent. We would like to thank God, our website developer, site hosting platform, the world wide web and most importantly, Bob, for giving us this opportunity.


(Varun is the Founder and CEO of All-Star Extreme Sports. Learn more about this dhinchak venture on www.battlefieldextremepaintball.com)

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