Pooja Mishra on Dhinchak Mumbai

Dhinchak Celeb Space – Q&A with Pooja Mishra

Pooja Mishra on Dhinchak Mumbai


This week we caught up with model and Big Boss 5 star, Pooja Mishra for a bit of Q & A

Q: Pooja how did you get a break on BIG BOSS as a contestant?

Pooja Mishra: I was part of the show ‘Big Switch‘ where I came second. I was apprehensive when I got approached for BIG BOSS as it was a controversial show. I was approached by CEO of Balaji Telefilms and took me 35 days to get convinced for the show.

Q: Who were your two favorites contestant at BIG BOSS and why?

PM:  The host of BIG BOSS Sanjay Dutt as he was very fair and loveable and secondly Swami Agnivarsha as he is a positive person and took everything with positive attitude.

Q: What kinds of difference have participating in BIG BOSS brought in your life?

PM: After participating in BIG BOSS I  really feel life changed quite a bit as it was an eye opening experience and I learnt a lot about human behavior as why thy feel jealous, why they feel insecure  and other aspects and how I look at life ideologies.

Q: What about your future marriage plans and what kind of qualities do you look for in your life partner?

PM: I am currently traveling a lot, shooting abroad, have a lot of male friend’s and as far as qualities  of life partner is concerned – Men should be like choclates – Rich and Aphrodisiacs (Bole toh sex ka dawai.. naughty girl Pooja :P).


Q: Which is your favourite restaurant in Mumbai and what is USP of Mumbai City?

PM: Novatel Sea facing Bar is my favourite dine out place and BOLLYWOOD is certainly the main USP of the city.


Q: What is on the platter after BIG BOSS related to tv and film roles?

PM: I am doing a movie called BAAJA BAANJA DOONGA which is being directed by famed director of movie DON (old one) Chandra Barot with Jackie Shroff playing one of the lead actor’s.

Photos and Video by: Devkumar Mistry

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