Dhinchak Book Review – A Cupful of Aha!

Death. Sunke fat gayi? But what if we told you death was actually a beautiful young lady, ‘Single’ maybe. Ab milna chahoge?
While the title of the book may not grip you as much, the story surely will.
It all starts over a cup of coffee (much like what our bhai log at cafe coffee day would love to endorse). Man enters, orders coffee, looks around, no place to sit, finds pretty girl, all by herself, bagal ki seat khali, approaches her, takes the seat and then shuru hoti hai baat chit, all over a cup of coffee (no CCD is not paying us for this review). What starts off as a simple conversation soon becomes the reality of what could be the last conversation. No surprise for guessing, the beautiful lady is actually the face of death.
The book authored by debutant Aanand, very well takes you through the highs and lows of the conversation the protagonist has with lady death (let’s just call her that). Although I did wish the instances when the protagonist gets a taste of life after death were a little more elaborate. The relationship between the protagonist and Lady death is built up beautifully. Almost makes you fall in love.
DM Loves:
1) Imagery: From the way lady death sits to the steaming coffee
2) Concept: Goes without saying
3) Keeping it local
DM Recommends:
1) Adding tadka to the anxiety of the protagonist : his fear of death and everything else
2) Increasing the length
All in all, for those of you who love a quick, interesting read, this is complete value for money. Plus, what better way to support independent work than this. Good job!
Book your copy on: http://store.becomeshakespeare.com/fiction/a-cupful-of-aha
– Giselle Mendes
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