Delhi Belly – Movie Review

Director – Abhinav Deo

Story / Writer – Akshat Verma

Producer – Ronnie Screwvala , Aamir Khan , Kiran Rao

Lyricist – Amitabh Bhattacharya,Akshat Verma , Munna Dhiman ,Ram Sampat , Chetan Shashital

Music Director – Ram Sampat

Cast – Imran Khan , Poorna Jagannathan ,Shenaz Treasuryvala ,Vir Das , Kunal Roy Kapoor , Vijay Raaz



Finally got the meaning why the name ‘Delhi Belly’ was kept for this movie. Entire ceiling falls down along with the dancers dancing upstairs , crazy shootout by random guys on the road , Vir Das hanged with his tie (ties will be soon replacing ropes for all the coming suicides) , Kunal roy kapoor has very bad stomach (that’s why i guess the name belly is added to it , because its always making weird sounds) and the best one – you can use orange juice to wash your A*s . These are some of the highlights of the movie which make delhi belly one of the exciting movies of the season . Certainly not a movie for all the audience , but people who like watching such off beat movies will love it and even might end up buying a DVD of it .


The story is based on Imran Khan (Tashi) , Vir Das (Arup) and Kunal Roy Kapoor (Nitin) , three roommates who are into their regular life, when one fine day Shenaz (sonia) girlfriend of  Tashi accidently gets involved into smuggling diamonds worth crores . She is told to deliver the parcel at certain place , which she happily handovers the job to Tashi and Tashi does to Nitin and Nitin forwards it to Arup . The misplacement of parcel with the stool sample creates a tremendous havoc in the story (also give the best laughter to the audience during the scenes) . The smuggler (Vijay Raz) tries to find the diamond and harasses all of them to get it back . Greedy mind of Nitin with a terrible stomach disorder leads the story to the next level . Poorna Jagannathan (Meneka) is a reporter who works with Tashi and helps him in getting the diamonds back . So the fight and run for the diamonds is what the story all about.


Performance by all the lead actors is outstanding . Imran Khan does a very good job of a journalist and is very good in his comic timings . Vir Das is excellent as ever , his stand comedy shows has really helped him to deliver the best punch lines and also been successful is giving best expressions on his face . Kunal Roy Kapoor is the show stealer , he has one of the best punch lines but he excels in toilet humor (i don’t think any one else would have been able to carry that role as good as him , especially in all his toilet scenes :p) . Poorna Jagannathan and Shenaz Treasuryvala , the female lead are decent as they dont have much role to play . The language however is not clean at all . Lots of day to day abuses like F*%# , C*%( , M#^$*!^($, B!^*$^#^ etc. are used to the fullest in the movie . Abhinav Deo has done a very good job in direction and the screenplay really holds the audience . 70 % of the movie is in English so it might loose out on some audience and also loose out business in the interiors . Special item number by Amir Khan with hairy chest as ‘The Disco Fighter’ is something no would ever expect him to do . The music is good but somehow not used properly in the movie .


This movie has certainly changed the outlook of the audience towards Amir Khan as a producer for producing such a bold movie after making very soft and emotional movies like Taare Zameen Par and Jaane tu ya jaane na . But thats how the audience likes it now-a-days . Certainly a must watch for everyone . This dhinchakar would rate it 4.5 stars out of 5 and a thumbs up . So go and watch it with all your friend and have a blast laughing at all the abuses and the constipation scenes by Kunal Roy Kapoor .

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