Dear Instagram, we BLEED. So, F*ck YOU

Just the other day, a poet’s photo blog on Instagram was shot down for having violated ‘Community Guidelines’. I for one had no idea what these so called norms were. I mean come on, I follow the Kardashian’s on Instagram, never really thought there were any moral codes to be followed.

So anyway, the poet in question, puts up a picture of a lady, fully clothed, tucked in her bed. And what made Instagram pull it down? A period stain on her clothes and sheet.

While a lot of people reading this post up until this line, are probably thinking ‘Damn you, where’s my freedom of speech and expression?’ , the photo below will somewhere at the back of your head think, ‘Accha hi hua. Who the fuck puts up a picture like that?’



And maybe, that’s the mentality this young lady was trying to change. Par hum to hai Indian, toh hum toh Instagram ke ha me ha milayenge hi. Afterall, Instagram is all about #selfies, #Goa, #Fun, #Party, #Bff noh?

So we thought, maybe it’s time to put it out there. Dhinchak ka problem hi ye hai ki hum muh bandh nahi rakhte. So here goes ‘Periods are NORMAL’. *Hears some glass shatter and repeats* ‘PERIODS ARE NORMAL’.

But then, no matter how well Twinkle Khanna writes about it, we like Instagram will continue to be uneducated about it. So chalo, let’s do a little Period Talking.

1. Periods are normal: Women menstruate. Every month. It’s a completely natural process, nothing abnormal about it.

2. Those packets wrapped in newspaper that Mom tucks away from the male gaze are called ‘Sanitary Napkins’

3. I bleed red. Blood red. Not blue like what they show on TV

4. Yes, using a sanitary napkin is hygienic. Educate your daughter. Let her watch that ad on TV if you can’t talk to her.

5. The fact that she is bleeding, means she is pure. So stop treating us women like an ‘eeeyuuu thing’ at that time of the month

Wait, why am I just busting myths. How many of us women, so called the feminist kinds really talk about menstruation? When someone gets their cycle in the middle of a hectic work day, female colleagues are whispered at ‘Pad hai kya?’. We women tend to hate ourselves during ‘that’ week, self proclaiming that it’s disgusting. And it needs to STOP and stop right now if you truly want the world to accept your womanhood.

Your body is only going through change, and it’s beautiful. So STOP!

Instagram put out an apology stating:



But then they are right, the objectionable content here was pointed out by us, the same individuals who say that all women should be treated equally.

So yes, we say crash the internet with those PERIOD pictures. A change must happen, but the change must begin with those who first use the Internet.

And Instagram, be a little cautious with that time of the month. 🙂


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