Cyril ka Jaadu

Cyril ka Jaadu

Cyril ka JaaduCyril ka Jaadu

Cyrill is the world’s 1st “cyber magician”, as he gained international popularity by becoming the most sought after magician on the internet with over million views on YouTube. He is also credited with being one of the leading innovators in the street magic genre.


This guy is seriously freaky in terms of magic stuff, don’t get me wrong, I’m not into all this magic stuff and all but you have to admit it when someone performs freakish-magic stuff right in front of you, you do tend to be shocked and amazed.

  Cyrill has performed many magic tricks for different kinds of audiences all around the world and on his first visit to India he says he gonna surprise Indian audiences and blow our hats off…hmm we have to wait and watch (He’s gonna perform on Carter road on 15th June 2012).


Everyone was very curious to know about the illusionist and about his new show on AXN starting 14 june 2012. Apart from performing a few magic tricks for the press, which were pretty awesome, was in all praise for the Indian food, but he also told us about his show that takes place in “paradise island”, ya on the beautiful beaches of Hawaii, where Cyrill and his “Family” (it’s basically him in different suits, you don’t have to be a genius to figure that out) go to Hawaii and they perform magic tricks on “innocent bystanders”( cause surprisingly the cameras are perfectly placed and the footage is completely audible),and scare and impress them with the tricks. And his family members are typically clichéd, where you have a flirtatious Uncle, an over the top grandma (who ironically is called Magi) and a fatty cousin who’s called “tiny”!!!!


Well let’s see how his show “Cyrill’s Family Vacation-Hawaii Edition” will premiere in India on Sunday 17th June 2012, at 8:30pm, exclusively on AXN, is accepted by the Indian Audience.




Photographer-Sanah Suvarna


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