Cycle to Recycle … 60 days and 60 nights



When- 16th September


Where- The Sahara Star



Atop a cycle with the rapid rush of the air and a delicious sense of strength Mr. Narendra Singh a true crusader of the environment saving movement begins his 60-day expedition with great gusto.  Let’s applaud him as this epic chapter unfolds. It was a grand affair when *Vivek Kumar, CEO Aamby Valley City with celebrity  Shreyas Talpade flagged off the cycling expedition of one time Mt. Everest victor Mr. Narendra Singh, on the 16th Sept, 2011 at SaharaStar Hotel.* Mr. Singh renowned for his journey to the pinnacle of the face  of the earth is yet again aspiring to harbor on a new adventure,

Mr. Singh plans to cycle through the heart of the nation from his base camp at Everest to the Southern  tip at Kanyakumari saddled on a bicycle with his fellow environmental crusaders with the zeal to save the earth and spread an eco-friendly message. Ours is a time when we face mercurial climatic conditions due to human negligence of nature and at such times we need to commit to save our planet; a quintessential belief of Aamby Valley, independent India’s first planned hill city. Thus it is no surprise that the eco-friendly city has generously extended a helping hand to the *Limca Book of Records holder, Mr. Singh and to ceremoniously flag off his cycling odyssey Shreyas Talpade was called on.  Mr. Vivek Kumar, CEO Aamby Valley City joined in the flag off celebrations and with great enthuse said, “We are proud to be associated with this adventurous expedition and we not only remain committed to serving our customers to the best of our abilities but also to support our employees in the most apt ways possible. Besides we remain responsible towards our commitment to nature and thus being associated with this expedition is undeniable.


Brimming with excitement Mr. Singh effusively said, “It is indeed an adventure of a lifetime that I am to set out on and I feel like Alice who is out to explore the unknown wonderland. I hope I am able to inspire others to live in a more eco-friendly way and I would have been unable to communicate this integral message had it not been for my employers, Aamby Valley City.”


A loud cheer of bon voyage filled the air as Mr.Singh embarked on his 60days   and 60 nights pan-India adventure where he will cover a mammoth 11645 km atop his 2-wheeled vehicle to save mother earth. On this unforeseen journey as Mr. Singh faces the unpredictable let’s wish him all the luck.


     A short about the unsung hero:

Mr. Narendra Singh recently celebrated his conquest at the highest peak, Mt.Everest with his steadfastly supportive employers, Aamby Valley. With an aim of contributing towards the environment, Mr. Singh cleaned up 500 Kgs of garbage dumped by other climbers on Everest! *He also created a record of staying at the peak for an hour without oxygen. After chronicling the same in the Limca Book of Records*, he has now saddled himself atop a bicycle to journey through the heart of the nation from Everest to Kanyakumari. So, as Mr. Singh sets out on his quest to balance the scale of nature Aamby Valley City turns into the wind beneath his wings

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