Cutting Chai 2012!!!

“With great Chai, comes great creativity “. This seems to be the motto of every BMM student this time of the year. Come February and it’s time to “cut the chai again”.

Well for a few of our friends ‘ Chai’ might be..’oh so middle class you know’ :P..but at R. D National college..’Cutting Chai’ is The Stuff of Legends.


Cutting Chai isn’t just a festival, it’s a gift of crazy memories and amazing moments!
Every year scores of BMM students with crazy mascots and even crazier slogans rush in through the gates of R. D National College hoping to have some fun but are instead frantically frisked by security volunteers! 😛 lol


Every college festival is an opportunity or an excuse to make some friends or just add random cute ppl on Facebook! 😛
So here it is to another such occasion..this is Cutting Chai 2012!


It is always a really funny sight for all the three days on the campus during festivals especially when you could see confused/ ‘trying hard to look busy’ volunteers running around all day assisting the participants cum yelling at other lazy bunch of guys and girls, painstakingly assembled by their dearest contingent for lousy PR! 😛 lol

One of the events that I noticed on the 1st day was Gully Cricket played on the basketball court! 😛
Oh those childhood days, those evenings. Ah nostalgia.
(Spare me, I used to play football :P)


Never mind the events and competitions, PR seems to be the most exciting thing on campus. Each contingent cheering for their participants and accidently coming up with some of the most epic slogans of the century! (No kidding)
If nothing works out BMM ppl would surely be hired by Political Parties just for the slogans! :P( trust me on this! )
“Who cut the chai? “
Bhoots cut the chai! 😛 ..went one contingent. ( Scary stuff 😛 lol)
“ We will, We will ..Haunt you!! “…was another crowd favourite.
But the one that grabbed my attention was by Sansanikhez Reporters.
“ We have no PR money.. Sansani Sansani! “ LOL
Poor guys .. honesty is really the best policy. 😛
When you are talking about can you forget “ Om Shankara Yeti Jai “


and last but not the least I have to  mention one contingent that went ‘screeching and screaming’ for all the three days!
Guys you were amazing!


The Stand-up Comedy event witnessed some of the most out-Standing performances.
A Gujarati doing hip-hop and a Gujarati in bed joke was hilarious! 😀
I am a Gujarati and I agree we do Garba all the time! ( even at Zenzi! 😛 )


More than anything else these events are all about formulae as some guy called  Sahil rightly said.
Bulla (no pun intended) as we all know him is a Stand up comic! 😛

To start with a lil bit of Dance + over-acting, and loads of melodrama wins you .. The Drama competition. 😛
These guys put in so much effort into their performances..the participants really pour their hearts out on stage, sayd one of the Judges.
Wish they knew what goes on a few mins before the play.(* Back-stage*.. Dyuuuuude registration ho gaya..jaldi jaldi script likho!! 😛 lolz! )

Ah the Fashion shows are the best!
The poses are so freaking innovative and the pouts so cheesy, you gotta see it to know.

And the themes.. God! Ever saw a fashion show on Dungeons and Dragons? Nah??

Welcome to BMM! 😛 lol

This one’s my favourite. The Band Event!!
A medley of dhinchak Bollywood numbers with 50 angrezi songs all of them in just in 3 mins, the guy from ‘Kaante’ doing his crazy dance on stage still somehow managing to play his guitar ( Amazing! 😛 ), and  Bhavya Pandit who got us all dancing, throwing the competition out of the window.
Choose whatever suits you the tricks are endless.. 😛

Well to judge these events we somehow rope in celebrities! 😛
OMG Kareena!!!
Dude Geet!!
im going crazy..!!
*He faints*
Ooo la la..
Lolz..jk we’ve all had loads of unforgettable moments but this one surely wins it.
When Kareena kissed the CD and threw it into the crowd and the guy who caught it went crazy for the rest of his life! 😛
Imran (in his cave-man look! 😛 ) had the girls going crazy.
Everything was going crazy.
Judges can be idiotic at times, but hey the Teleprompter event was fun yaa! 😛 LOL
Some Judges can come in for 10 minutes and steal your heart away. I’m sure any Urvashi’s in the crowd would’ve fainted.
A R Rahman was simply mind blowing, still can’t believe we heard him live on stage!!
Other judges come in not to judge but just to have fun and she did exactly that. Amrita Rao was really cute yaa..she took a picture of us, yay for that! 🙂

Well finally, after all the hulla-bulla ( No Sahil, not you! 😛 ) the thing that I loved the most about Cutting Chai 2012 was when they invited all the Ex-students and the soon to be Ex-students! 😛 on stage just to celebrate their life…celebrate BMM.

For them the last 3 years of BMM..can be summed up in these 3 days.. and in these 3 cliched words.. We love you.

Hats-off to the Cutting Chai team for these bitter-sweet moments

We all know who cut the chai this year!
Many thanks to each and every one who came over to National’s and shared the fun with us.
Keep your BMM heads high..have fun and yeah Play the Game! 😉

That’s it from here, I would like to thank Dhwani, Srushti and Drishti for all the support.
To all the volunteers who made this crazy festival possible.
And yeah the sound guy ..dude please download a few more songs yar! 😛
See you all next year!

Pictures By Vishal Manave



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