Mumbai’s coolest holi party

Long long ago, far far away, In the great land of ramgadh, the historical word ever said by the great great Gabbar,” arey oh samba! Holi kab hai be???” and from 1975 the questions is asked by each and every mumbaikar. So, you all know holi kab hai, lekin the question is “Holi kaha hai???”  Where will you spend your holi this year? Same old style in your building ka terrace, engaging in a balloon fight with your neighboring building… or roaming with your colored face on the street of mumbai. Why not try something new this year? This year get ready to witness one of the coolest holi party of mumbai at Esselworld & Waterkingdom . Waterkingdom organizes the largest aqua party of mumbai with DJ Akhtar . Spend all your day in water and dance to the funkiest bollywood beats. Enjoy delicious jalebi and rabdi and sip the coolest thandai while you take a dip in the large wave pool of waterkingdom. Special performances by the finalists of Dance India Dance Doubles contestants. Esselworld promises to you give you the most dhinchak holi ever to you and your family with its huge rain dance party and also the amazing holi parade with its entire mascot gang. This year no colors will rule holi, its only water and water everywhere coz its getting hot and hot thanks to global warming . So book your tickets to the most happening party of mumbai. Keep rocking and keep dhinchak-ing

We the team of wishes all it dhinchak mumbaikarsa very happy and fun filled Holi!!!


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